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    Elegon 25m Celestial Protector...melee or ranged?

    Looking at 25m Normal Elegon, we're having some discussion in raid about what is the best way to handle the Protectors. First off, here's our logs from last night's attempts:

    Can't post links, look up Power Word Drunk on Stormreaver-US, 10/24/12 night of MGV

    We are replacing some of the dps that didn't pull their weight so that should up raid dps so we're not getting 3 protectors, but there is debate on who should be killing those protectors, melee or ranged. My thought is that melee should do it so that they can minimize their downtime by switching to the add, moving with it to the edge, reseting their stacks while killing it, and then when its dead, head back in. Others say to have ranged handle it and let melee reset their own stacks at X amount (anywhere from 9-12 stacks or maybe it should coincide with the Protector exploding).

    We have other issues to deal with on how many balls die and dealing with sparks on transition, etc, etc. But if someone could post what works for them with respect to the protectors, that would be great. Again, 25m, normal mode. Thanks for the help.

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    On normal our first one we just let the ranged do the first, second add the melee go with it and reset their stacks
    Generally speaking you should be aiming to kill 4 waves, let the 5th through on each you will be fine in terms of DPS on the boss

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    On normal we were just cleaving the first and let the melee run out to reset when the tank is pulling the add out. It usually dies as soon as it is out of the platform. The second gets dots and cleaves as well and will be killed during the phase switch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddytheone View Post
    On normal our first one we just let the ranged do the first, second add the melee go with it and reset their stacks
    Generally speaking you should be aiming to kill 4 waves, let the 5th through on each you will be fine in terms of DPS on the boss
    What he said. We let ranged do #1, melee does #2 (their stacks will be high, but they shouldn't be dying to the random bolts even with the increased damage). We also have DKs with AMZ (myself included) use it on the explosion from the first, just in case anyone is low and then gets bolted. Melee resets as #2 dies, and then you hit the boss hard, aiming to get into Phase 2 before the third protector.

    And ya, 5/5 stacks should be easy and a baseline to aim for, improving as you get more and more gear.

    The next phase 1, you just do the same thing, but range will have one more to do.

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    For 10m, melee can handle them quick and not make ranged take their focus off the boss unless they want to multi-dot.
    For 25m, it's on top of the boss so all the melee can cleave while ranged throws a dot or 2 on it.

    Is our strat perfect? Probably not but it works =)

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    What we did 1st week was:
    - All ranged stacks on the very edge of the outer circle. (resto shaman and monks stack with melee)
    - 1st protector comes out, it's dragged on top of the boss for melee to cleave a little. We then assigned 3-4 ranged to focus the protector.
    Melee never clear their stacks. As it's doing total annihilation explosion, we drop barrier, AMZ, spirit link on melee. Then taunt swap.
    - 2nd protector comes out, we completely ignore it and burn the boss to 85%.
    - As soon as the boss hits 85%, all DPS swaps to the 2nd protector (and of course everyone clears their stack). Once second protector died, everyone rushed to their spot for Energy Charges (first wave is really easy to get anyways)

    From 85-50% we did:
    - Ranged double dots the 1st protector, melee finishes it off clearing their stacks.
    - 2nd protector is brought to melee for cleave/double dots, and the 4 ranged focus to finish it off. Melee does not reset stacks, we go through all the CD's on melee again.
    - 3rd protector is ignored and everyone tunnels the boss till 50%

    (when we did this everyone's ilvl was right around 460-463)
    Also, if you didn't know, the ranged stack can stand on the very very edge of the platform on a spot where jumping straight up would clear your stacks. Just slowly walk into the Celestial realm. As soon as you phase in, take 1 step backpedal, and then try jumping straight up.

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    We have the ranged do it, sometimes with some cleaving from melee off the boss and an occasional hit from someone resetting stacks.

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    have the people for whom its best switch when its best

    Example - (feral) if I have both bleeds up, savage roar up, all with decent duration and I have no combo points on the boss, then its pragmatic to swap to the add, put up bleeds, reset my stacks and charge back to the boss.

    fire mages spriest etc should multidot, but you dont strictly have to designate. the 25 second window between spawns should be waaaay more than enough time to kill it

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    on 25 N we let melee handle them, as they have to drop stacks anyways. Ranged can just stay on the edge and jump to clear debuff - dotters dot up add, but casters focused on boss mostly making sure the 3rd add didnt spawn for example

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