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    How to not get blown up in 3 secs in 3s?

    So last few days my partners and I have been going against a lot of teams with BM in and I litterally go down in around 3 seconds while in blood presence and all CDs popped etc, is there anything I can do to not be killed in seconds?

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    You could link your armory so we can see your gear.
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Make sure you have Full PvP gear and then gem for PvP resilience if you believe your doing everything possible to not die in 3 seconds.

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    6.3k resi and full pvp geared 59% dmg reduction

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    Trust me, its hard. We are extremely squishy ATM. You'll probably have to pop everything you have, trinket, CD's, everything.

    What I usually do is target one of the pets, when a Hunter pops Stampede you need to slow them down. So hopefully you have chillblains. If you happen to target the main pet throw icy chains on it as well so Lynx Rush can't hit you either. I usually pop Ice Boundfortitude as well. If not, better hope remorseless winter takes action fast enough to save your life.

    Death Knights really don't have much of an option, but to run with a healer because you are most likely going to have to pop death pact early when everyone starts blowing CD's on you.

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    As a death knight, all that can save you is a BoP or pain suppression. Stampede is just stupidly overpowered atm and should be removed from arena as soon as possible.

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