View Poll Results: what is the best expansion in your opinion!

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  • the burning crusade

    253 27.71%
  • the wrath of the lich king

    264 28.92%
  • cataclysm

    33 3.61%
  • mist of pandaria

    320 35.05%
  • good old vanilla

    43 4.71%
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    WotLK, I just had always something to do then and the PvP was fun as hell back then. MoP is ok, but the end game content they got for me is not currently enough as PvP is a piece of shit right now, and will probably be until blizzard does some very drastic changes, which would require a whole new expansion.

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    What was the best expansion gameplay wise? probably MoP. What was the expansion I had most fun in? TBC. Mostly because thats when I started, I voted MoP but TBC will always have a place in my heart <3
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    I voted MoP because I actually LIKE all the changes it brought. Tons of dailies, capping valor by putting in effort, grinding rep by butting in effort, allowing me to do almost whatever I want and STILL get rewarded for it...

    Oh, and to piss off those that hate MoP for those exact same reasons.

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    Definitely TBC coming in 1st, with WotLK and Vanilla tied at a close second place. MoP being a pretty damn pleasent experience so far, Cata coming in last by a long shot.

    Although, I do believe the poll is skewed, that fresh car smell is still present.
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    Pandas ftw. Enjoyed Wrath a shit load, liked Cata but a few things about it annoyed me slightly, I am loving MoP so far.

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    I have played from beta, and I would choose BC as the best expansion simply because of the Outland.

    I really enjoyed going to a completely alien planet, rather than more of Azeroth, and battling stuff that was way different than what we had in Vanilla at the time. Plus it was rich with lore characters and had very diverse zones.

    My 2nd most favorite would be WOTLK because of its lore connections. Mists and Cata I couldn't care less about (although Mists is fairly enjoyable so far). As far as I am concerned, WoW is on hold after WOTLK until the next (Burning Legion) expac.

    Also I loved how brutal TBC heroics were. Good memories from Murmur and Shattered Halls.

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    Wrath is #1 just because of the Lore. MoP in a close 2nd

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    I started playing in early wrath. I was a total noob up until cata only killing 3 bosses in ulduar 1 in toc 4 in nax and 4 in icc. I hated cata and didnt play that much.

    Mop is amazing to me though. Loving every minute of it and there is so much to do.


    id give mop a 9.4 cata a 7.5 and wrath a 9.0

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    1. WotLK, I love the lore and the theme. The raids were great (especially Ulduar). I never got really tired of it.
    2. MoP (so far). It's hard to tell what I really think about it, but I do enjoy all the new lore, the raiding is OK so far.
    3. TBC. Loved the lore, didn't really play much end game, mostly played PvP. But I enjoyed it.
    4. Cata. It's not bad, I didn't really enjoy the raiding very much, and I don't know what to say about the lore. Revamped lvl 1-60 zones was awesome.

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    Voted MoP BUT BUT! Wrath is nibbeling on it's tail really hard.
    I really got started playing in Wrath, even tho I started about a month after TBC was released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudebanger View Post
    This. It'll come down to a poll of "when did you start playing"?

    Vanilla/BC - Will most likely choose BC.
    Wrath - Likely Wrath.
    Cata/Mists - Likely to choose Mists.

    INB4 someone feels the need to be a special snowflake and chime in "I played during Vanilla and Mists is the best! herpderp"
    I played during Vanilla and Mists is the best! herpderp...

    No, in all seriousness i had the most fun in vanilla/early BC, but when i compare BC with MoP i have to say (even though i still love bc) that mop takes the win, in terms of the look, quests and feel (this is of course totally subjective). And the game has also come so far in terms of phasing, mob mechanics (especially bosses and quest bosses) and questing... So my vote goes to mop if i have to look at it without my rose tinted nostalgia goggles...

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    well you would have to think away all the content patches as mop does not have any yet, so far I would vote mop as among other things it gets you most to do, did not think tbc was that good at launch, and dislike most of the zones, wotlk launched with just naxx nothing much original there in the way of raids although the story was good, cata was unfinished when launched, does get extra points for redoing the early experience.

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    I think it was WotLK. I think the game had developed from being grindy, the majority of dungeons were fun, raids were pretty good. It was like they had smoothed the edges off of Vanilla WoW, polished it and made it even more fun. MoP has been really good so far, and Pandaria is a really well designed place, far preferable to Outland, or any of the Cata zones.
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    I look at Vanilla and BC with nostalgia in mind, but they really weren't that great. I'd have to say Wrath, I really love the lore of that expansion (minus the old gods, hate em, might be why I didn't like Cata).

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    TBC for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    cata for sure.
    Soz u hit my funny bone spot on.

    In terms of community and fun TBC, in terms of all around thumbs up, Wotlk.
    In terms of worst expansion ever, Cataclysm, followed sharply by mop!

    Edit. Dont know what mop is doing on that list tbh.
    Its far to early to "judge" mop. I kinda liked cataclysm until firelands patch... And then it just got way worse...
    So whos to say that mop wont be just like that?
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    MoP by far I dare say that already.

    However nothing can ever take away the early vanilla feeling where you actually were in constant fear of dying and never knew what was around the corner.

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    i think mop is the best, but i still had more fun back when it was all new. so vanilla get my vote simply because of windfury procs windfury procs.... you know the feeling if you ever tried it

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    I'm a vanilla baby. Have seen all the expansions.

    Till this point, I'm enjoying MoP very much.
    But MoP is not over yet, there are a lot of content to be evaluated, so I wouldn't be giving a honest opinion, by voting on it now.

    I would vote for WotLK, but that expansion had a few... shortcomings, namely Naxx25 rehashed, Trial of the Crusader, the too long ICC patch, and Ruby Sanctum.

    Cataclysm was terrible, in all aspects.

    Therefore, my vote goes to TBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudebanger View Post
    This. It'll come down to a poll of "when did you start playing"?

    Vanilla/BC - Will most likely choose BC.
    Wrath - Likely Wrath.
    Cata/Mists - Likely to choose Mists.

    INB4 someone feels the need to be a special snowflake and chime in "I played during Vanilla and Mists is the best! herpderp"
    Back up your claims with something and you don't have to worry about people trying to prove you wrong. Of course people who didn't play in BC wouldn't choose BC, but what in the world makes you think you know what expansion every single player who started in vanilla prefers?

    EDIT: I voted Mists, because I am just all around extremely impressed with it so far. Cata takes a close second, because the old-world remake and the new race-class combos were just HUGE for me. Vanilla definitely holds a very, very special place in my heart. I was so engrossed in my community, everything was so new, and it was just a really epic experience.
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