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    5.1 Patch 10 and 25 man raid lockouts are also happening in China as well.

    From China's wow website:

    Some time in the past, we have received many players feedback locking mechanism for the raid, including the competitiveness of each of the 10 - and 25-man team.We appreciate your feedback and support for our game. At the same time, we have noticed a lot of hope in contact with "World of Warcraft" is the most high-end challenge from Asia, including China, players have more degrees of freedom, hope to join to meet their gaming habits set. We strive to listen to everyone's opinions, we will raid reset cycle all servers in China to make some changes in the next patch. Raid reset cycle is still seven days, updated weekly maintenance time. However, a copy of the 10 - and 25-man team no longer shared progress.

    Each week, with a role can get through the 10-man version of the copy of the same team (such as the magic of ancient the mountain treasure house) and the 25 version. Normal and Heroic difficulty will continue to share the progress. In addition, the the 25 versions raid difficulty will be higher and higher quality loot: Yongchun Taiwan Normal mode version of the 10 people falling 496 item level equipment, 25 drop 504 item level equipment version.

    We hope that the membership is for players of Asia, including China, by this change more in line with the region playing habits, interesting and rich rewards game mechanics.

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    Yeah it was posted on the front page, its nice! Hopefully also in eu/us

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    There are very, VERY few 25 mans on China. My med pop server has 1. Read: 1. A welcome change. (go china!)

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