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    Will of the Emperor 10m Brewmaster PoV

    Hi Guys,

    Another kill video, this time will of the emperor 10m, Brewmaster PoV.

    Possibly my favorite fight in MV, Gotta love them cleaves

    Will Of the Emperor 10M

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    I am debating throwing our 10m Heroic Will tonight as a Brewmaster PoV, but all they will see is a bunch of dodges on Devastating arcs. Pretty boring really lol. GJ on the vid though.

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    yeah, its a pretty boring fight to watch lol. Just getting used to uploading vids though, so going through our kills and putting them up slowly

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    Good video mate, interesting point of view!
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    Not nearly out of the way enough
    Please remember to check existing threads before posting something. In this case, all PoV videos should be posted in this thread.


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