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    Am I the only one around here who doesn't see a large bot presence?

    I've done quite a few BGs since MoP and I haven't noticed anymore bots than in any other expansion... Are all the complaints just whiners? or is this really an issue because I have yet to be affected by it.

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    Try doing them in the 80-89 brackets and try early morning. It's common to see more bots than players.

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    Chances are you just don't realize they are bots.

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    Agree on both, Low level BGs are cleaner, 90s Bgs are somewhat tainted. And you just haven't noticed they are everywhere. I've been in so many Bgs with 35/40 bots, very obviously ll running same patterns. It's a psychological phenomena related to tunnel vision. Once you do realize this, and can identify the patterns, you realize how bad it really is. They try to do it in off hours assuming no one notices, while they are asleep or at school/job.

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    At first i didn't, but then i had a IoC that had atleast 20 bots, and after that i noticed alot more. Usally the smaller bgs, (10-15 man) its not to bad but the larger maps tend to have alot more bots. It hasn't happened to me as frequently as it appears to have for others.

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    I only play BGs during prime time, and I must admit I rarely see any bots. Of course it is likely that it's just me who has a hard time seeing the difference between the random-casual-low skilled-PvE player whose spell book doesn't consist of more than 4 spells, and the bot next to him with a total amount of 3 castable spells.

    In all honesty, no, I don't see a lot of bots during my playtime. After killing a player I can easily recognize wether the character is a person or a bot.

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    Its amazing that there are so few lvl 90 bots, i mean who wants to play this game when warriors just globals you in seconds? Its so fun trying to react just to get a 100+k slam on your face no mather what resi you have.

    Low lvl is even worser, i guess thats why they bot, or maybe cause you level too slow but its the easiest way to gain levels while doing nothing.

    Go ahead level up from 85-89 in bs and count how many times you will be the only real player of the BOTH teams.
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    The general WoW player base is so bad that I don't think it's possible to tell them apart.

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    Depends on the Bot.

    On average i see 4-5 bad bots in the cave during a single AV, However i may also see 4-8 other bots running around. they look like players but follow a very set route. (For horde) run right to bal and auto attack / Aoe Heal, run to the general and afk in front of the keep throwing out a heal or auto attacking enemy units / players.

    They are hard to spot at times because normal players usually act just like them -_- however they are there. Some of the best bots will defend pionts, heal like a pro, dps like a pro and help the team if everything goes as planned. However if a turtle happens they are fucked.

    This is when you report them. after 3 AFK kicks you get a 24 hour ban. helps at least rid yourself of them for the weekend.
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    Bots are a lot better now than they were. Back in the day they just stood in the cave AFK now they run around, guard position and attack players.


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    I don't think I've seen a 90 bot yet to be honest.
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    I've seen a bajillion bots whilst lvling alts in Jade Forest / VOTFW

    Botters + Hackers is a common combo, I enjoy killing them and camping their corpses for a good 30 minutes.

    That'll teach them for flying at lvl 85 on a black war bear.

    Although this is a PVP forum, and i've personally encountered 0 bots at lvl 90, although I know of people who do bot BG's at lvl 90.
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    On Hyjal, there are bots literally EVERYWHERE. I can't do ANYTHING without running into one: pvp, gathering, DAILIES EVEN!

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    Depends on server/battlegroup, depends on time of day.
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    I was in an EotS game about a week ago and the amount of bots was just terrible. Out of the 30 players that were in the bg I estimate around 4-7 were actuall people playing their characters. All the others just ran back and forth between the the two bases on their factions side over and over again the whole BG.

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    Some bots are super advanced so it's hard to sometimes notice that they aren't legit.

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    i know people who bot but i havent seen one myself since mop

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