View Poll Results: Which rare do you find the most challenging?

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  • Hozen

    92 11.62%
  • Jinyu

    61 7.70%
  • Mogu Warrior

    13 1.64%
  • Mogu Sorcerer

    12 1.52%
  • Yaungol

    10 1.26%
  • Saurok

    30 3.79%
  • Pandaren

    332 41.92%
  • Mantid

    129 16.29%
  • All are equal

    113 14.27%
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    None of the rares I have encountered so far are much of a challenge, but the pandarens are the most annoying with their heal.

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    Pandarans as warlock. The rest is a joke in affi spec with my voidlord. Especially the one that you can find in Vale of Eternal Blossem , who spams heals untill you run out of stuns and interupts , and cant be kited either.
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    Pandaren Heal.

    I've had them attempt to heal 4 times in a row after every interrupt at that point you might as well give up.

    1st Silencing Shot
    2nd Scatter Shot
    3rd Intimidate
    4th Scratch balls and wonder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namarus View Post
    Pandaren Heal.

    I've had them attempt to heal 4 times in a row after every interrupt at that point you might as well give up.

    1st Silencing Shot
    2nd Scatter Shot
    3rd Intimidate
    4th Scratch balls and wonder.
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    Major Nanners was the only rare I had an issue with as a Blood DK. But that's because I pulled too many elite monkeys along with him, and didn't see him cast his Banarang.
    He is now a breeze.

    As a affi lock. I've killed a few, the ones that does torrent was tricky. But with fel hound I found it a breeze at level 86. Then using void walker to tank the others. It's really simple now.

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    Only Omnis Grimlock is remotely difficult, and that's largely due to his pack of extra adds that always accompany him.

    Selected Saurok to reflect this.

    For certain rares there are tactics you can use, LoS and ability to rotations to negate anything they do (Pandaren LoS Chi Blast if Interrupt is on CD, Stun during Going Bananas/SCK ect), particularly Major Nanners. Kite him into the water nearby and his Bananarang ability bugs out and stays in the same location in the water, follow that up with a stun during GB and it's a joke.
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    At first the Pandaren were the hardest, just because of the Chi Blast when too far away (mage prospective) but now that I know what to do they are very easy. That goes for all of them once you know their mechanic and how to get around it then your fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    They're all easy, but Nanners can but a bitch because of his elite trash that you have to clear.
    You don't have to kill any of his trash.. Just stand on the small hill between him and the lake, and pull.. Run to the lake and fight him there..

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    As a Ret Paladin, they are all fairly easy if you have "Fist of Justice" talented, so you can get rid of most of the hard hitting abilities. I've died a few times due to crappy lag, but assuming I'm not lagging, the one's that are hardest for me are either Mantid (their Blade Fury seems to have a bit broader range then the graphic indicates, including if you are standing just behind them) or Saurok due to Smoked Blade, which does 55% of your max health if it hits you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    Only Omnis Grimlock is remotely difficult, and that's largely due to his pack of extra adds that always accompany him.
    Having the Rain of Blood Klaxxi buff helps with his adds (as well as any other Dread Wastes rare)

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    I picked Pandaren only because sometimes my interrupt or stun isn't ready when I need it to be.

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    i would say pandaren rare monks, i encountered a few 90 once and no matter how much i interrupt their heals they just keep chain casting it.
    yesterday i tried killing one on my hunter (SV spec) had her 30% she casts heal > i use silence > another healer > scatter shot > 3rd heal > couldnt interrupt > bam she above 75% agian. >.<

    so i waited till readiness went off cooldown 4 succesfull interrupts in a row, didnt matter since she just chain casted a 5th.
    couldnt down her alone just due too the insane chain heals. had too get a guildie for extra interrupts/stuns before she died. wasted about 8-10mins on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    As a hunter, screw Pandaren rares. Usually, they're not a problem, but they occasionally cast their heal faster than my interrupt CDs are available, even if I weave in Scatter Shot and Intimidate.

    As a hunter, all other rares have been laughably easy (barring opposite-faction intervention!).
    Try picking up a gorilla, for an extra silence ability. It seems to be a lot better with two silences (silencing shot) then just "interrupts" that would make them start casting right after the interrupt is over.

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    Pandas are the hardest rares no contest, unless you are a hunter ofc then there is no challenge anywhere.

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    Jinyu pretty much as enha, other races are insanely easy to deal with.

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    Warlock, no interrupt(unless you wanna kill 90 elites without a pet tanking for you), yay?

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    the pandaera when they are bugged and double, or tripple cast heal when you only have one interupt CD :/
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    Pandaren, above level 88 and outside Dread Wastes. Thankfully, I never have to kill Ai-Ran, Ahone, Yul Wildpaw again. But damn it all if Ai-Li doesnt drop that mirror.
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    I am a destro lock (please fellow locks, specify spec...not all locks play affliction anymore), and pandas used to be a pain, not enough interrupts so i tried tanking them with the observer. Takes longer because it doesnt hold aggro at all but its easily doable, just heal observer, cast some conflag, drop aggro if neccesary and silece / stun heals.
    One tip, silence heal cast in the last second so they dont cast a second one right after.

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    Havent read the whole thread but i voted for Pandaren.

    As a fire mage the problem isn't the heal. I can get them down to about 50% with the casted root and frost nova gets me two pyro crits. combustion ticking for about 30k. They usually heal straight after that then mirrors keep them busy. Its the Chi Burst that they cast when nobody is in melee range, if i dont get back into melee range quick enough 300k health gone.

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    All are easy as tank, but the 'hardest' would be pandaren, because you have to pay a little more attention to the whirlwind than normal ^^

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