View Poll Results: Which rare do you find the most challenging?

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  • Hozen

    92 11.62%
  • Jinyu

    61 7.70%
  • Mogu Warrior

    13 1.64%
  • Mogu Sorcerer

    12 1.52%
  • Yaungol

    10 1.26%
  • Saurok

    30 3.79%
  • Pandaren

    332 41.92%
  • Mantid

    129 16.29%
  • All are equal

    113 14.27%
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  1. #121
    As a Priest, the higher level Pandaren rares, one in Dread Wastes, Eternal Blossom and Townlong Steppes, are bloody impossible to solo cause I only got a 45s interrupt when they heal every 30s... :|

    I can solo the others np, maybe those mentioned above if I'm lucky, with an additional interrupt - war stomp as Tauren... so I effectively can interrupt 3 heals before I'm screwed.

    Really not fair tbh, no idea wtf Blizz are playing at.
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    As a paladin, mantids have given me the most trouble.

    just tiny lag will fuck you over. kiting tornados while not running into other mobs and avoiding the frontal cone one shot aoe.

    pandarens are easy for me, stun kick, interrupt heal
    yaungols are the easiest imo
    mogu warriors, easy
    mogu mages, easy
    sauroks are problematic sometimes, but overall pretty easy
    jinyus, same as pandaren kinda. interrupt torrent, stun raindance or w/e it's called
    hozen can be annoying if alot of mobs are close by, but still pretty easy.

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    I'm a hunter so none of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmmmmmmBacon View Post
    For all you shadow priests: just weave in a fear or psychic terror with silence to interrupt the heal. And for any melee struggling to reach him to interrupt the heal: You don't need to be completely out of the kick animation to not take damage from it. It's only about a 10 yard range, so if you just start running away when he starts channeling and pace him a bit, you won't be too far away to interrupt it.
    They're immune to fear/terror, last I tried...

    Also, I'm seeing people having issues with rain dance ... just run in a circle and you're fine! The water globes always head for where you were at.
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    The one that is the most annoying for me is Mantid. I find with melee it's more difficult and I'm also in South Australia with high latency. So I have to either kidney shot his blade flurry or start running from him as soon as he begins casting it (even then I get clipped sometimes because it's casted so quickly). I've died many many many times to the Mantid rares...sigh.

    The Panda's I've actually got down to a good rhythm - I try and kidney shot their spins to delay as much as possible, if not I start running away just as they begin to cast it. Interrupting their heals as a belf rogue is also no problem. Chi blast - what chi blast?

    Also - a good tip: when you're revered in Dread Wastes, always have the paragon buff from Xaril the Poisoned Mind which does the poison damage. This has helped tremendously when killing rares in the zone. They die so much quicker.
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    Pandaren aren't too bad as Hunter. The only one that has killed me is a Jinyu. Save CDs until after interrupting the 1st heal, then blow them and beat her down. Have Readiness on hand to intimidate/silence again and keep pounding. It takes some good timing but I managed to kill that Pandaren rare in Dreadwastes after about 6 million damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liliannan View Post
    Chi blast - what chi blast?
    I guess Chi Blast is a thing to avoid ninja-resetting as it is being casted if mob's target is too far away.

    I don't find rares hard to kill rather tedious. As melee you have extremely high % of downtime on them due to them nearly spamming their anti-melee one-shot abilities, and they have millions of HP. As tankadin I stopped bothering with them altogether.

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    my elemental shaman can solo and has solo'd every rare for glorious achievement, but hardest? none...they are all easy with CC working on them.

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    As a Paladin all rares are pretty easy except Mantid. Those fuckers, if you lag a bit to much, well too bad for you because you're dead even if you run through them on your client. If the sever disagrees abotu timing and/or positioning you're sliced up quicker than you can react.
    Saurok are second place because I can't always get them out of stealth quick enough and have to take the hit. But that doesn't happen as often so cooldowns are enough.

    I used to have problems with Hozen, Jinyu and Pandaren on occasions - but only because I used to stun them directly on their uninteruptable cast. What I have to do is let them cast it and stun them right after. That way you interupt them but also make sure they get cooldown on that ability which in my experience is longer than my stun CD (except for Pandaren but you can outrun them easy enough - sometimes they even stand still while spinning).

    Easiest imo are Yaungol and Mogu Warriors.
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    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    As a Shadow Priest, definitely Jinyu..

    I don't have enough interrupts to stop Torrent every time (even with Dispersion and Shadowfiend I still will have all 3 on CD at times). Also, rain dance seems to be rather buggy.

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    the monkey mob in a small cave in townlong i believe.

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    I haven't found anything unsoloable as a frost mage, Padaren are probably the most unforgiving though. Mantid are tough, and Nanners is the only really annoying hozen, Though if I can clear the two elites that are closest it gets really easy. (As long as I don't get more then 1 add while fighting him, I can just sheep and blow him up while I have MI)

    Everything else is pretty trivial, especially once you start getting decent gear.
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    on my monk pandaran and hozen by a mile one lapse and your dead thanks to the spinny banana thing and its also so easy to get caught on a rock or something and screwed by spinning crane kick.

    on my lock none of them caused problems thanks to voidwalker tanking and pets taking next to no damage from the AoE attacks which are the big killers.

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    I slaughter Pandaren rares, mantid kick my ass though.

    Prot War ftw! 2 stuns, 2 interrupts, and 3 silences anyone?

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    The Champion of Arms (New Horde/Alliance Rare in 5.1) is one of the hardest I experienced, seems a bit bugged atm, you need to be like 10-20 yards away from his thingie even it's just in a right path and not like a stomp, it's ridicilous...

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    High level pandaren as a shadow priest. Silence needs a lower CD or they simply won't die until gear levels get much higher and they can be burned before a second heal.
    As a fire mage nothing particularly stands out, Hozen are the most annoying though dragons breath as soon as they start going bananas stops them immediately and yaungol have to be carefully kited.
    As a ret paly, nothing. Every single rare can be owned with ease, even the infamous major nanners, since rets can just kite and stun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    I guess Chi Blast is a thing to avoid ninja-resetting as it is being casted if mob's target is too far away.
    Chi blast is an anti-kiting spell. Pandaren won't let themselves be kited, simple as that. Casters who don't have a pet need to stand in melee range and take the melee hits, then get out of the way while spinning crane kick is cast. Pandaren melee isn't very strong, ice barrier or bubble/renew will out heal its damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byniri View Post
    As a Shadow Priest, definitely Jinyu..

    I don't have enough interrupts to stop Torrent every time (even with Dispersion and Shadowfiend I still will have all 3 on CD at times). Also, rain dance seems to be rather buggy.
    if you're spec'd into phantasm you can use fade to confound torrent
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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    major nanners as melee
    Cannot agree more, the most annoying one definitely.

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    True. Playing fire mage and this works really well. You definately need an eye on what the mob does to react quickly. So still Pandaren for me aswell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainec View Post
    I feel I lack an opinion since I just pop army on my dk, but from my experience...

    Hozen: nanners is hell, not so much any other.
    Jinyu: not that terrible
    Mogu Warrior: I can't tell if I'm blind or the warning box on the ground quake attacks is misleadingly small
    Mogu Sorcerer: just make them waste the void floor aoe
    Yaungol: kite fest, especially Yorrick around his tree
    Saurok: I haven't fought one of these alone yet
    Pandaren: just run away from the whirlwind kick, easy
    Mantid: avoiding the tornadoes is a bit annoying

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    I like these rares. I find that as long as you have some kind of interrupt and a move out of stuff fast ability (blink, roll, w/e) they are all fun but not hard to do at level. I have had several occasions when higher levels have swooped down from above only to watch me slowly kill a rare by myself. It's more an exercise in focus than anything else. If I can avoid being distracted then it will usually work out.

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    If you have a stun and an interrupt they're all pretty easy, but my vote is Saurok since I sometimes having trouble catching him in time after he disappears.

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