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    I reforged full Haste last night, and performed a couple of thousand DPS less on each fight compared to 4717 (extra Corruption tick) > Crit, I was at last week; think I'll go back to that.

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    Um doesnt a haste breakpoint only matter if the dot falls off,however, with pandemic that never happens and also with touch of chaos. The only dot that falls off is shadowflame and that haste breakpoint is fairly low, so i decided to go int>mastery>crit>haste because any extra haste is just pointless.

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    Haste is not pointless, faster imps, faster casts, Felguard attacks faster and gets more energy.

    Its just the other stats are more valuable.

    Haste isnt a waste of DPS
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    I know this thread is a couple days old but i just stumbled upon it and i want to add my 2 cents:
    Personally I gemmed and enchanted with haste as my main secondary stat, and have been doing very well for myself (ranked in the top 200 on a couple fights).

    That being said I did test a full reforge/regem last week using Mastery instead of Haste as a priority. My DPS dipped by average by a good 10k overall.

    So myself, ill stick to haste for now...
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    Well I'm just over the 3038 haste cap and I feel my dps should be higher so I may reforge to the 4717 cap and see what difference that makes!
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    So according to my simcrafting and looking at full bis going through all the loot tables crit destroys mastery and haste is almost as hgih as int from 490+. Currently i have almost 6k haste

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    im only in ilvl 484 gear(my gear is mainly tailored for afflic so that can be why) and i have 4772 haste, 9% crit and around 21,89% mastery(using glyph of dark soul so it says i have 8335 mastery) and even at this ilvl it shows the scale factors of haste to skyrocket to 1,93, with mastery at 1,38 and crit at 1,53, it certainly seem like haste is the way to go as demo, but in my situation it can be bcoz i use glyph of dark soul which inflates my mastery falsely to a point where i have significantly more mastery than haste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by almara2512 View Post
    using glyph of dark soul
    Arg ......

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    yes, i know, i know.

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