(( This is my first attempt in years at role playing. Lately, I've been glimpsing at the boards here and felt my self inspired to write a bio for my current "main". Thank you. ))

Name: Kaiser ( Judith Faureluches )
Age: 25 ( approximate )
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Death Knight

Languages: Common ( born and raised in the human kingdoms ) / High (Blood) Elf ( After his rebirth, his ‘tutor’ was a Blood Elf Death Knight )

Faction: N/A ( Formerly of the Scarlet Crusade )

Personality: Once, a passionate man. Devoted to his order and for all that it stood for, Judith was a man in his prime, he loved life and loved to share it with those around him. Often, he was the prismatic one amongst his peers, always willing to aid and offer insight. But, this bright, vibrant, pious man would not always be remembered as the young man he once was.
After his rebirth, he was never the same, could never comprehend the horrors and atrocities he himself had committed under the guise of “Servitude”. The innocent blood that stained his hands and soul...eroded him from within. Even after his chains that bound him to the Lich King had been broken, he could not find forgivingness for himself, could not even find it in his heart to accept it from others.
Now, the man once known as Judith, has adopted the name of Kaiser. A dark and enigmatic man that owes his allegiances to no nation or throne that wonders the world from war to war, front to front. A wayward blade amongst the dueling kingdoms of the world, seemingly searching, aimlessly amongst the battered remains of the battlefields.

There is little that can be said for what the man truly “likes”, in his mortal life he was content with friendship and companionship. Now, the man seems more of the lone wolf, a shadow of his former self.
Of those that have given accounts of his exploits, all seem to share a common insight. The notion of death, be it alliance or horde, of any man, child, or woman deemed “innocent” in his eyes, is something he will not allow. Those that transgress this, have been savagely and heinously hounded down in an act of raw vengeance.

Appearance: Kaiser is often seen wearing his set of dark armor, made of a metal as black as night and etched with crimson that seems to resemble that of blood. A tattered cloak hangs off his shoulders that which he uses to wrap around his body effectively concealing him and the twin rune blades sheathed at his side. Though, little can be done for the massive blade that always seems to be sheathed at his back, secured in chains and leather straps, as if imprisoning some horrid creation.
It is rare in which he allows his face to be seen, when it is, his flesh is as pale and cold as the snow caps that had once marked his grave, his hair as dark and fine as the ebon armor that adorns his body. But his eyes, are always hidden behind a dark lens of custom glasses, or the visor of his helm.

Kaiser was a titan amongst his peers within the Scarlet Crusade, a master of the swords and martial combat, few could stand toe to toe against him if he was truly inspired to take up arms.
His pride had always been his weakness, as both a mortal and even after his rebirth. Refusing to accept help when he clearly should, often fighting alone with the odds stacked heavily against his favor. As if, he seeks the end of his existence, yet fights against that end with everything he has.

Judith Faureluches was a child born of a minor noble house within the Eastern Kingdoms, he was however not the heir to his families estate, no more than a third son. Aware of his status, he often found reason to rebel and stir up problems within the manor until his parents were forced to “gift” him to the monastery of the Scarlet Crusade.
It was here, that the boy was taught self respect, discipline and the notion of allegiance to others beyond himself. It wasn’t long until the latent talent that lie within him became clear to all his instructors, the peerless skill he showed when wielding nearly any blade, be it a massive two handed weapon or dual wielding a sword in each hand, the young Judith was a fearsome sight. His eyes often blazing with a fire that burned deep within his soul, one that the leaders of his order deemed fit to call “ light touched”.
And so, Judith’s years in the order passed. He excelled in rank until he himself became Knight Adamant. It was here, that the tale of the promising youth began to change.
Often, the crusade would hunt down any form of “abomination” against the natural order of the world, or anything that opposed the “light”. Judith was given simple missions at first, the purging of forsaken encampments and rebel forces.
It wasn’t until he was given his first mission to “dispose” of a wild clan of “warlocks” that had been known to house and harbor forsaken…
In war, true facts are often obscured and hidden from the eyes of those expected to carry out the task. What, in truth had awaited the unrelenting blades and zealous ambition of the young Judith, was nothing more than a common farm stead out in the Theramore swamplands. What had been reported as a “wild clan of warlocks” was only a small family whom had tried to hide and cure their young child that had been turned into one of the forsaken.
Unsure of what to do, feeling the burden of guilt ride his soul, Judith did the only thing he knew to do. The farm stead, the family..The undead child all had been purged…
With his soul now saddled with doubt and a sense of uneasiness, he returned to the Cathedral. Only, the Cathedral was not as it should be..
The night skies burned a dull crimson as he rode up the paved road, the screams and cries of his peers and mentors could be heard along with the scent of burning flesh carried on the gentle night breeze.
Panic stole his resolve, fear crippled his discipline, a life time of devotion and training had crumbled in the instant that he managed to barge through the gates, only to see the bodies of his peers strewn about.
Lost in his emotions of rage and despair, emotions he was not used to encountering he raced against the Undead Forces that murdered his friends, his mentors that had stolen his very life.
Reaching the cathedral, Judith was stained in blood sweat and tears, unabashed by his unchecked emotions, his knuckles bone white against the two blood and grime drenched blades at his side. It was there, that he first saw the site of his tormentor…kel'thuzad.
Unleashing a tormented cry, Judith charged the cult leader. Only to be thrown against the far wall by a force of pure negative energy that stole the very life and fight from him. Weak, and broken, Judith fell to the floor.
And while death crept up on him, his eyes heavy with the burden of failure, a small smile swept over his features, for he knew, that in death, he would join his fallen comrades.

And so ended the mortal life of Judith. Months had passed sense the attack on the Cathedral, the order had managed to rebuild its self and all but forget about the horrors that had transpired.

But fate, was not kind to the young man. Kel'thuzad had seen the promise in that young man’s soul, had seen the “light touched” promise often spoken of by his mentors. No, Kel'thuzad had taken it onto himself to alter that innate power into an immersive, usable force for the Lick King and the Scourge Armies.

When Judith had finally awoken, his eyes slowly opening he found himself drowning within a large tube of vile fluid. He could hear, even feel the pulsating power of the Lich King calling to him, empowering him, demanding that he rise and obey.
Without a will of his own, but a mind to record and remember every memory, every horror, every single atrocity he would commit in the name of the scourge, Judith rose from his tainted grave, the pulsating power of the Lich King breaking him free from his glassy prison.
And so, the horror of his “rebirth” had come to pass. Judith would haunt the world of the living under the banner of the scourge, killing, murdering and sowing the seeds of discord in his wake, all the while unable to stop himself, and all the while filling with a fearsome hate, not for the cultist kel'thuzad, or even that of the “king” that forced these actions onto him, no. This hate, this unbridled fury was shared for no other, than himself. Each soul his blade took, the further into madness he fell.
It wasn’t until the order of the Ebon Blade revolted against the Lich King, and then shortly after the Lich King himself had been defeated that the chains of servitude had been unshackled from Judith’s soul.
The day it happened, was not a day he remembered. The only notion of freedom he knew when it happened, was the searing blinding light that caused him to fall into a comatose like state for days. In that stupor he heard the cries and voices of those he had murdered, seen their faces and felt their sorrow. Yet, death would not come for him. He simply laid there, some unmarked grave deep within the frozen lands of Ice crown.
He wasn’t sure how long he had laid there waiting for death to come, drowning in the misery of what he had become. It wasn’t until he began to hear the soft spoken voice of a woman, one he had known within the Crusade. She wasn’t of anything special, she often struggled with her lessons and her name had often slipped his mind in the years they spent together within those hallowed halls.
Yet, it was here, in this broken state that he lie, with her constant voice slipping in and out of his hearing that he finally found resolve, discovered a purpose that lie hidden and buried within himself.
“ Remember us…Judith..”
“ ..you where the Kaiser ( emperor ) of the blade…”
“ Live..for us..Kaiser..”
“ ..purge..the world..of such horrors..as you..”

And so he rose then, not as Judith Faureluches, third son of a minor noble house and promising Knight of damned Crusade. But as a man bent of vengeance and redemption, he rose in that dark, frozen night as the Death Knight, Kaiser.