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    5th) Aegwynn

    4th) Medivh

    3rd) Azshara

    2nd) Sargeras

    And seriously, 1st place should go to something responsible for more WoW deaths than any boss;

    1st) Elevators (SSC in particular)

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    5)Illidan: Lord of an entire world.
    4)Archimonde: Destroyed Dalaran by playing with sand.
    3)Lich King: Master of all things dead.
    2)Deathwing: Almost destroyed the world.
    1) My character: He destroyed all of the above, often single-handedly!
    Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

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    Intelligent> raw power

    1 Kil'jaden
    2Nerzul = Guldan
    3 Deathwing ( according to the lore before cata)
    4 the first DK. forget his name
    5 kel'thuzad

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    Hard to pick even without titans/old gods...hmm...

    I'm gonna ax Medivh as he was technically possessed by some part of Sargeras for the better part of his life/power, even without it and as the last guardian (fuck Medan, WoW comics can take a shit), I'm not even sure he surpasses his mother at the height of her power. For that matter, gonna just cut them out since guardians are basically just a fusion of all the top mage powers of the day of whatever the current council is given to one person to wield. In fact, I hate listing characters we've killed off since anyone that's the "strongest" should still be alive, but meh...also discounting Deathwing since at the height of his power, he was all old god juiced up. The normal Deathwing we know struggled against Gruul and his plates could be ripped off with magic by Khadgar way back in WC2.

    So in no particular order:

    Malfurion: First ever druid, extremely old, powerful, and knowledgeable druid, still looks like he's less than 10k years old even with the odd horns and bird feathers. Unlike Thrall, Malfurion did fight far nastier threats directly than he has and is still standing.

    Lich King: Fuck all the people saying it's all about Arthas, it's just as much about Ner'zhul. Their combined power, enhanced by the burning legion and the whole undead thing, likely made him the strongest native Azeroth villain we've faced yet. Also the reason I'm not considering Illidan since DK Arthas nearly killed him.

    Grom Hellscream: Dude killed Cenarius and Mannoroth single-handedly with nothing but his trusty axe. All Thrall did was get KOed and at his best, used an OP artifact from the past to punch a hole through Deathwing's chest. Yes he did die, but he in turn killed beings he would normally not have any business of killing in the general scheme of skewed power levels.

    Azshara: I hate the fact that the best basis of her power comes from a Knaak novel I don't even like considering lore, but even without that as the Naga Queen, she is extremely powerful and likely still the strongest living sorceress on Azeroth

    Kil'jaden: OP didn't specify burning legion, so Kil'jaden as Sargeras' right hand man makes the list. Terror incarnate, destroyer of worlds, etc etc. Unknown if thousands of wisps detonating can kill him like they did to Archimonde.
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    There is one that nobody has ever defeated, as far as I know, once he has taken a hold of someone, nobody has ever survived. I speak ofcourse, of this guy:

    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    There is one that nobody has ever defeated, as far as I know, once he has taken a hold of someone, nobody has ever survived. I speak ofcourse, of this guy:

    Evermaw is allied with him.

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    I haven't posted enough so I'm not alowed to post links but if you have time type "most powerful wow characters xtratime" and lcick on the first site to see a ranking made by me. Any suggestions would be welcomed

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    Most powerful necromancer - pele10brazil

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    Mortal born heroes?
    1. Lich King
    2. KJ/Archimonde
    3. Azshara
    4. Medihv/Aegwyn
    5. Malfurion/Thrall

    That's all IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinny Red View Post
    Most powerful necromancer - pele10brazil

    Have you read my ranking?

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    A top 5 list that got no Deathwing in AT LEAST the 5th spot is simply biased towards personal preferences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalecgos the Spellweaver View Post
    A top 5 list that got no Deathwing in AT LEAST the 5th spot is simply biased towards personal preferences.
    In the 5th spot I have Galakrond. Why is it biased to have him above DeathWing?

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    Sargeras is literally the final boss in the warcraft universe, of course he has to be number 1, how did he not make your list? lol.

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    Thrall x 5, cause its Metzin's story and he wants to have sex with Thrall

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    You are not prepared! So sad he was only a lvl 70 boss

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    If I had to choose one that wasn't absolutely obvious like Sargeras, it would definitely be Illidan.

    I personally think Illidan is the best boss, and will always be the best boss.

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