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    How much dps should we actually be doing.

    Hey all

    I have a very basic question which should probably know the answer to but its just been a sticking point. im in a casual new raid group and were running into problems beating the enrage on spiritbinder (several sub 1% wipes). So how much dps should each toon be pulling in basically 463 gear with a few higher pieces. I know logs on spirit are messed but this was our group on feng which i view as the closest to a patchwerk fight this tier. i always thought that people should be hovering around the low to mid 50s as a basic dps in this tier, are we really that far behind as a group or am i thinking to high.


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    Mid 50's isn't too high, I'd probably go as far as to say that's low dps.

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    My group struggled with this boss for a couple days while we brought our lower dps up to the bare minimum they needed to complete that fight. An equal share split of DPS would be 45-50k per dps.

    Note that is ALL dps players. If your carrying someone at 35-40k then obviously the rest will need to do more.
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    You might know this but if you are wiping sub 1% then what you could do is check this:

    a) all DPS prepot - this is huge DPS boost and damage done on a fight (on Elegon without prepots our team is unable to enter second phase after two adds, with preports we entering second phase as soon as second add dies).
    b) if you have dotting class like warlock or shadow priest make sure that they are going in each time to spirit realm, dot as meny adds as they can and then go back to boss and up his DPS this way. He needs to make sure that he gets the buff though
    c) second DPS class in spirit world should be good range AoE class like Shaman. Sending melee is a waste of DPS.
    d) get healers to help DPSing boss when they can. At the begining of the fight there is not much damage so they can add some numbers to your DPS. even if the do 0.5% this could be it.
    e) if you have rogue, make sure he tricks your best DPS every CD - this is nice raid dps boost.
    First time we did it he died as he enraged so we all died and so did he. Next week we had 20 seconds before enrage.

    Hope this helps.

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