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    Looking for new Pvp realm

    A few of us are looking for a Horde populated (Pref Med Pop) PVP realm Prefrebly EST/CST. Looking for a family guild that we can grow with. We have several toons each we can work with. Interested in Arenas, Rbgs, World PVP, Some raiding, we have also of EXP in raiding also, but main focus PVP with some fall back of PVE. Any feedback would be greatly appreicately. My main is a Lock.

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    Try this if you want random input on which realms that are suitable (ie. good, population etc).

    Try this to find guilds.

    Also check out arenajunkies.com and realm forums for any realms you think are promising.

    This is the wrong part of the forum for your request.

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