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    How many "tracking" pets have you found?

    How many of the pets that you need to track their prints and flare have you found? I know overall this has been super buggy with tracks going underground, or disappearing; but Blizzard did throw our class a bone that they really didn't need to, and that is unique to our class.

    So far I have only found Stompy and the Quillen, and I was tracking another in kun-lai when the tracks vanished on me.
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    If the tracks just vanish, some other hunter tamed it. The tracks don't instantly disappear after you tame it.
    So far I found Savage, Bloodtooth and Portent. Haven't bothered looking for the rest yet, since my stable is full, I even had to let older pets go just for these.

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    I have found Savage. I haven't bothered looking for the others though.

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    I have Savage, Patrannache, Hexapos, and Portent. They're the only ones I actually want besides Stompy, but I haven't really had time to go hunt him down lately. My stable is full of rares anyways.

    All of them were very fast/simple tames except Patrannache, who I just basically stumbled upon randomly.

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    Got Savage first, but I went looking for him. The other night in the middle of questing in the vale I noticed tracks underfoot, and went on a wild run through the middle of a very populated mogu encampment. Things got chaotic for a minute, but ultimately I survived and snagged Portent. Haven't bothered looking for the others yet.
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    Quillen, Dread wastes one, and the turtle from Krasarang

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    None of them look interesting at all, so I haven't bothered.

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    They don't particularly excite me visually and I'm not the collector kind, so none. /shrug

    It would be nice to tame a Spirit Beast that looked like Xuen. I always feel jealous of the Windwalkers in BGs.

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    The only one I've found is Bloodtooth, but then again he was the only one I wanted, much less cared to look for.

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    Portent, Patranache, Bloodtooth and Stompy

    though im going to let the quillen go if we get a spirit beast next patch
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    4-5 portents (until I got my green one), savage, the porcupine, and the strider in dread wastes. One stable slot left X_X

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    I've got Savage, Patrannache and Portent, but none of the others as my stable is chock a block full of pets. The backward tracks were confusing at first, but you get used to them. Patrannache was the only one that took me a while as his aptly named Barely Visible Tracks are ridiculously hard to find, let alone follow a trail. I suggest just camping a spot along his patrol route and constantly flaring it if anyone is thinking about getting him It's a nice new addition in my opinion, albeit a bit tedious at times.

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