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    How to make money in Mop?

    Hey guys,

    Before MoP, i always had enough gold and never had any trouble in getting a lot. Since the release of Mop this has changed for me.
    So i was wondering what other people of generally doing to make their money in wow? The professions i have are blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting and normally they are easy to make money with. I think due to the amount of new things in MoP Im struggling in making money.

    Any tips and help would be great



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    Blacksmithing isn't really all that great to make money with. You could probably sell a few shields or weapons, depending on how many Spirits of Harmony you have lying around. Belt Buckles also work, but there is usually a lot of competition and you cannot provide the material for yourself (needs Living Steel, which only Alchemists can make). Aside from the the items from the drop patterns also work, but the patterns are prohibitively expensive and Blood Spirits aren't as readily available on a lot of servers.

    With JC you need much more careful planning and observing on what sells and what doesn't than before MoP. A lot of the gems no one ever uses, so most of the designs are crap. Find out what the people need, stick to those and spend time on the AH. Also competition tends to be strong, but the demand is always there.

    As far as I go I made almost all of my money this expansion with Darkmoon Cards from Inscription, though the sweet spot for those is over. The hardcore raiders all have theirs, everyone else just isn't ready to spend tons of gold on single cards or even decks. They still sell, and they still make a decent profit, but they are nowhere near as profitable as they have been. Once the faire is in town again I expect the cards to bump up in price (and more important, selling frequency) a bit, but not much. Also you cannot control which cards you get (Oxen is bad, everything else is fair game), and you can only put out a limited amount of those, because you will eventually run out of Scrolls.

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    These forums are full of information which will give you ideas on how to do just that. Just read a few pages worth of threads and you will see your questions have been aswered several times over.

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    enchanting / burning through lower lvl dungeons with a tank or dps has always been good to me.
    check out the prices of various dusts / essences

    mining thorium and fel iron seem good as well....lot of ways...
    thing is with everyone focusing on MoP content right now, prices for pre-xpacks stuff has gone up even higher than before.

    if infinite dust is high, and you have a stealthy enchanter, you could run reg Pit of Saron, real fast, and shatter the crystals you get from boss loot
    there are just so many ways... 999trigger said it best really, just look through the forums.
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    Enchanting and Inscription are my big income makers at the moment, followed by a steady flow of gem sales.

    Trouble is INscription isn't all that profitable anymore now that the people with the big wallets and the top raiders have their trinket. It's very nice gold for the effort involved though, I do a tiny bit of milling and ink crafting late at night when I'm winding down every few days and that sets me up for ~3 days of inks to make cards with which then takes about 2 minutes to do each day.

    Enchanting is my other big seller, and this will go on for the rest of Mists, I reckon. Advantage for me here is that I have the expensive Sha crystal recipes from the rep grinds. Only a handful of people have those AND take the time to make gold with them on my server, which means low competition and high mark ups. Over time more people will get the recipes but my guess is not many more will have the gold and will to invest to make 5-6k weapon enchants (even if they sell for 7-8k) Getting in to this market is hard, unless you allready have the reputations AND the gold to invest in making them.

    JC is a weird market. It goes up and down through the week from reset to reset. You need to be able to babysit your auctions a bit and if done right you'll have 30-40 cuts on the market, including metagems. Meta gems are my big, if slow, profit with JC. Big part of that profit is actually making the gems with my alchemist though, so it's kinda unfair to "give" that profit to my JC.

    All in all I make gold with pretty much every profession I have, and I have 6 at 600 at the moment. Some are slower then others, but even Tailoring still makes me a few thousand gold a week. I mean it took 12 days to make the big new bag, but I was able to sell it for 9k so that was still 750g per Imperial Silk. Better than the 500-ish I would have gotten from leg enchants. Even so, 80g or so worth of cloth into a 500g item each day is very nice side profit for what is only a few minutes work.

    Only thing that's not really a profit for me is engineering, and that's mostly cause I find the work to produce the trinkets too much compared to the gold I get for them. I don't do scopes, cause that takes SoH which I have very little on that char (still leveling it) Still, I use the engineer to produce trinkets for every leveling toon in my guild and for friends, so it's been very useful none the less. Just not profitable

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    I have an alt with maxed alchemy, license to print money, those :P

    My main mines ghost iron and has her maxed out farm churning out motes of harmony (Songbell seeds, require revered rep with tillers, easy to reach), spend the harmonies on 3x golden lotus, smelt ghost iron and mail lotus and bars to alchemist alt, Xmute the ghost iron into Trillium, and transmute trillium to living steel, use lotus to make flasks, finally plonk the living steel and flasks on AH, and wait for the money to roll in.

    I also have an enchanter alt (Still at 85, can reach 600 enchanting without setting foot on Pandaria), mail BoE-greens and mats from heroics/LFR/dailies to her, shard them, make enchant scrolls, plop them on AH, and wait for gold ^_^

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    Thanks for the replys guys a lot to think about and do ^^ ill keep looking on the forums for ideas and the ah.

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    Try to do enchanting. I get a lot of money through this profession.

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    are there any quick and easy guides to make gold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haynis View Post
    are there any quick and easy guides to make gold?
    This thread worked kinda well as a guide. But, to get to the profession levels these cats are at you will probably need to start your gold making career in gathering. More time for less money, but no gold investment up front, and guaranteed money. Then follow these guidelines.
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