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    playing WC3 is no longer enough to grasp 60% of the expansion. now you must read quest text, sorry
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    I guess I'm not really getting my point across. Hmm... how to put it.

    Well first of all, of course this is my opinion. I'm just trying to generate some discussion, but other than a few people who replied maturely, the rest have pretty much all been "lol ignorant ebayer, pay attention to the game".

    While there are quests surrounding the Mogu, and you encounter them plenty of times from 85-90, I just felt like the Vaults kind of came out of nowhere. To compare it to the Heart of Fear, Since Felhunter pointed it out, there's a whole zone dedicated to them, and an epic quest chain building up to the Mantid queen and all that stuff, and without even having been to the raid, I can already feel some kind of suspense. Even if you don't set foot in Dread Wastes, if you just fly around the wall you see this constant stream of Mantid attacks and it gives you the feeling of "man, maybe we need to deal with them."

    On the other hand, the Thunder King showed up for like maybe 10-15 minutes of questing, and then disappeared for the rest of the leveling experience, besides which he has nothing to do with the Vaults anyway so whatever. With the exception of the Golden Lotus dailies, there's no real buildup. Anyway, for some reason we decide "hey lets go check out the Vaults and see what we can find." We proceed to explore the dungeon, and discover out of the blue that they have Titan technology and what have you. "Ok...?" We then proceed to kill them, secure the vaults, and it's like... "crisis averted", wait for the next raid. The raid itself is the size of a 5man, with some ordinary room setup going on, and the bosses just don't feel threatening or imposing. Elegon was pretty cool, but I mean... we fight the Spirit Kings which seems like it should be fairly significant, but in practice, not really? We just kill the ghosts of the dead mogu emperors and, move on. No one outside the Vaults seems to care or know anything about what's inside.

    I don't know about you, but personally, the Sha/mantid part of MOP seems way more interesting and important than the Mogu.

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    Mogu'shan is one of my favorite raids in terms of lore and setting. I don't know how it could even be possible to compare to Dragon Soul.
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    While of course it's better than DS, MSV isn't that hot in terms of story imo.

    The apparent omnisense of Lorewalker Cho ruined half of it for me. I don't need every single damn aspect of the raid explained to me as I'm going through it. That point when you go out onto the terrace and he says "Oh by the way, there's an ancient secret in here I apparently didn't feel the need to tell you about" was a huge example of this.

    The last boss was completely underwhelming. An add machine isn't exactly threatening to us. How the hell would they even get back down the mountain anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanEX View Post

    You found ToC interesting?
    Maybe or maybe he found ICC to be interesting. Just because he said there hasn't been an interesting raid SINCE WotLK ended doesn't mean he thinks that all of the raids prior to the end of WotLK were interesting. Good job, though, of taking that one sentence and completely misunderstanding it.

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