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    SA-X from Metroid Fusion. She scared the shit out of me which is an impressive feat given that:

    A) It was just a Gameboy Advance game
    B) She never said a word

    Just a ruthless alien that spent the entire game stalking and hunting you, and sure as hell destroyed you if you were ever seen.
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    I see no point in compelling integration. If you can't make your society sufficiently enticing to integrate willingly, then perhaps its not so superior.
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    There's nothing wrong with Islam.

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    Dr. Fetus from Super meat boy. This guy take shit from noone. That and he have nice hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Dr. Fetus from Super meat boy. This guy take shit from noone. That and he have nice hat.
    Also...he killed the squirrels!

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    Sovereign from Mass Effect and GLaDOS from Portal.

    Edit: Also, Majora, from Majora's Mask.

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    Handsome Jack

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    Lots of love for Kefka here. I approve. Definitely my favourite villain. Apart from his delightful personality, awesome laugh and great development throughtout the game, he's one of if not the most quotable game character I've ever seen.

    Doesn't hurt that Dancing Mad is one of the best pieces of video game music ever, either.

    Sovereign is a personal favourite, too. The first time you talk to him on Virmire is one of the most awesome moments I've experienced in a game. Always liked him (it?) more than Harbinger, too. Thought they messed up the Reaper voices in ME2 and ME3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    No - No love for you HERETIC!
    :< But I'm not a heretic... I play Raven Guard...

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    Sargeras and Kil'jaden for me. Heh im a warcraft nerd.
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    Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duronar View Post
    Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.
    The Vanilla Ice of gaming villains.
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    See my avatar.

    Also, every unimaginable cosmic horror and eldritch abomination. Pure evil villains that don't want to rule, conquer or have revenge get bonus points from me. Absoulte and total annihilation of the universe is the only worthy goal. Fuck the misunderstood crybaby villains with mommy issues.
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    Albert Wesker, Sephiroth, GlaDOS.
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    Yuber from the suikoden series! Best badguy ever.

    Other than that, Kefka sure.

    I was trying to think of some newer ones, but I guess nostalgia doesn't make them like they used to. : \ The reapers in general were pretty awesome bad guys.

    Also I hate to say it, but Sephiroth was actually a pretty awesome bad guy. He's just so totally overhyped it's hard to admit it now. He gets a free pass from being total emobait because he was around before emo was a thing.
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    Seymour, never have I wanted to beat the living snot out of a fictional character as much as him.
    Special mentions go to Pyramid Head, for being the embodiment of pure evil; Kane, for being a cocky as hell badass; Glados, for comedy value; and the black car from Ridge Racer.

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    Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 easily wins for best antagonist in my book (With an honorable mention for Majora from Majora's Mask). But for an antagonist that I TRULY felt hatred toward was Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3...such a pompous little ass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Bob View Post
    Kane from Command&Conquer series
    I thought he was the good guy, you are clearly playing from the wrong side of the table

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    Kefka from FF3 (US) was a terrificly evil and insane villain. He's my all time favorite.

    Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 was also pretty awesome. His constant taunts and general snarkiness really accentuated his role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digal View Post
    Sargeras and Kil'jaden for me. Heh im a warcraft nerd.
    I would say the same!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brambert91 View Post
    deathevan from breath of fire 2
    People get him and me mixed up a lot

    Also as mentioned before, my vote goes to GLaDOS. Love that piece of metal

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    Gotta add a new guy to my list:

    Andrew Ryan, BioShock.

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