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    Quote Originally Posted by Amyllia View Post
    Why not play a human if you're playing Alliance? I mean, you guys have humans, short humans, short hairy humans, humans that turn into wolves, elves and aliens. There isn't a ton of variety there.
    Oh, right, and the venerable Horde has...

    - Tall blue humans with pointy ears
    - Tall green humans with pointy ears
    - Short green humans with pointy ears
    - Skinny humans with pointy ears
    - Dead humans
    - Cows

    Woo, hoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    But the trinket racial only matters if your a pvper. Even then its pretty bad tbh.
    >even then its pretty bad
    >if you're a pvper

    stop saying stupid shit off the top of your head to bump thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    But the trinket racial only matters if your a pvper. Even then its pretty bad tbh.
    Hahahaha. I see you never played a human with a tanking class. It's more usefull than you think. Blood DK Human FTW!

    edit: To clarify, I was able to break lose with it from certain trash/boss CCs and continue aggroing, saving the lives of my group/raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    Lets see a "pvp" racial or a orc or troll dps racial.

    Not a hard choice which one to pick to be honest.
    You started a thread about why ALLIANCE players make humans, then support it by saying HORDE racials are better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    What is it with the alliance players and picking humans. 90% of the alliance players pick humans but why? They have the worst model in game and why play a fantasy game just to be a boring human?
    I'm gonna answer that.

    First of all, I'm not interested in the least in playing a midget, so gnomes and dwarves are out.
    2nd, let's take a look at the other options.
    - draenei. Retarded looks.
    - night elf. Retarded looks AND animations. Also, they hold their weapons while idle and unsheated, sorta to the side and, if it happens to be a wide weapon, like a bow, it even gets to clip through the leg.
    - worgen. Decent model...until you see the running animation. Yuck! Looks like he's plowing with his arms.
    - pandaren. No, just NO, same as midgets.


    - draenei. Good model...except the parts about weapons looking much smaller on them, and once again (imo) having a bad posture while holding their weapon in their hands (while not in ready-combat animation) as the direction of the weapons seem to be pointing outward, to the sides, and not perfectly parallel with eachother, as they should.
    - night elf. I play one. Imo, an almost perfect model with one exception: while standing in stealth with weapons drawn, the left handed weapon clips through the left thigh, which is why I'll never play a female night elf rogue.
    - worgen. I'm sorry but the worgen female model is a walking collection of visual glitches. Sooo many glitches to list, sooo can't be arsed with it.
    - pandaren. Decent model actually, except (sigh) their arms clipping through the shoulders while in ready-combat animation.

    The male human model, is PERFECT. Decent looks and no limbs clipping through gear. GOD I FUCKING HATE LIMBS CLIPPING THROUGH GEAR.
    The female human model is bad and uninteresting, though, and it looks like maybe it's an alpha model, unchanged since alpha wow.

    As alliance, and a player who cares a lot about such details, you really don't have many options in choosing a race.

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    Because Reputation Bonus and Every Man for Himself.

    bis race imo
    And while the cobras dance around your feet like you're a god
    It only takes one bite for you to realize you are not

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    What does this have to do with Raids and Dungeons? I'd move it to a more appropriate forum but it seems clear to me from the OP's responses throughout it that he's just trying to get people going.

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