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    Mistweaver Challenge Modes?


    Just curious if any fellow mistweavers have attempted any challenge modes yet. Tried Mogu'shan 5 man today, and it did not go very well. Not sure if it is the group or tank or myself. I'm generally a pretty good healer, but my ability to keep the tank up is just not very good with my monk. Just curious if anyone else has experience this lack of tank healing.

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    Done several Bronze... Wasnt too hard, honestly. Full guild run with a good tank, we coordinated our cooldowns for hard trash packs and bosses. Dont hesitate to use Revival/Cocoon at ANY time, and dont hesitate to go OOM. Just drink super fast as soon as your out of combat, and back to spamming soothing/surging. Dont hesitate on Surging ! Find optimal ways to generate fast Chi to keep Envelopping up as much as possible. Jab, Rem, Expell harm. As for group damage, you have to anticipate that, maintain Rem on all 5 of you, and pool some Chi before the big damage lands. 2 uplifts + some triage should cover AOE damage.

    I had a really good time, it's like pocket-sized raids ! You need to pay attention and coordinate, or you will fail. I strongly advice voice communication too !

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    Our Mistweaver have been doing fine but the only real problem we've had in our Challenge mode groups is when other dps isn't performing - stuff just don't die fast enough then and the tank eventually goes splat cause its near impossible to keep trash mobs on the tank for too long.

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    I done most of the golds and I wouldn't say we lack tank healing atm, sure it isnt great. You will fall behind in mana if you let the tank drop low, so keep channeling and keep your RM up, EM is also great. Don't be afraid to use revival and life cocoon, on trash keep RM up and spam jab+uplift to heal the less important players. Spam jab or whatever you can to get chi so you can spam mana tea and use a mana potion on every cd, it will make a huge difference in the end.
    The best advice I can give you is go with a tank that isn't a paladin

    Just figure out what abilities the mobs does and avoid/disarm/stun/prevent it from happening somehow and the healing will be quite managable. For most instances, I found Chi Wave (which also does a bit of dmg on the boss) to be more useful for some extra tank healing and then use Zen sphere on others where I needed some more aoe healing. People don't have time to position themselves for chi burst, and neither do you as you should be in melee fisting the boss!

    PS: Mogushan isn't that easy. Try Jade temple or Gate of the setting sun. Gate of the setting sun is definitely the easiest, even though if the first part of it is kinda challenging. Specially the bridge, ragers and wind "dudes". Once you figure out how to deal with them, I suspect you will be getting a silver by the end of the day.

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