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    Level 60 only raids

    As the title says, me and a few real life friends are attempting to get a few people together to make raids for level 60s ONLY (no 61s+). This is on the alliance side. We have about 10 people right now, but aren't sure how many people will actually follow through with it. As of right now, we are in big need of healers and dps. We have 2 tanks, but tanks on standby would always be good. Loot will be MS > OS of course, meaning bindings in MC will be for tanks first while the Eye will be for dps first. There will be NO, and I want to make this very clear, NO BC GEAR AT ALL OR BOAS OR PVP GEAR, you can use BoAs to level, but must be replaced before raiding. Same with PvP gear, you can use it to pvp of course, but cant be used to raid. We will always be looking for more. If you do not know, you do NOT need to be on the server we are on to raid with us. Older raids can be don cross realm, so all you would need to do is have us added on battle-tag or real ID.

    The only restrictions are no monks or DKs, there are no race restrictions.

    If you are interested in helping/raiding with us and having a good time, send me or any of the following a whisper in game on - Crushridge, US.

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    Might be an idea to add the server name And EU / US

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    Is it okay to play Draenei, Worgen, and Pandaren? (and what are the rules on DK's/Monks)

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    If you actually want "some" form of a challenge I'd take only about 10 people. There was a guild named screams of the past who used to run a full 40 man during late wrath & early cata (not sure if they're still going) & they just pummeled through it. I also saw a guild do it with about 25 people or so pummel through it as well. With the damage level 50's put out as well as 60's anymore than 5 dps honestly you'll just blow through it to fast.

    Just my two cents. Have fun, still entertaining none the less. Just make sure you do aq40

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    A lvl 60 today does far more damage than a 60 during Vanilla.

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    The base stats for different levels have been overhauled countless times. I suggest doing this at level 50 instead. I think even base stats at 50 now are slightly higher than 60 used to be, but it's really close. Some guys already 10-manned AQ20 at level 50. Downside is, of course, that you can't equip any of the gear then :P

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