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    Just won Invincible's Reins off of BMAH last night, 500k

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    Probably all the final TBC blacksmithing weapons on 1 char (expect the 1H axe)

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    Rivendare's Deathcharger. Won it on my shaman alt while leveling.

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    For me it's probably Sylvanas' Music Box.

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    This and my T3 helm (although T3 are now purchable from BMAH).

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    Sulfuras, Swift Razzashi Raptor

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    DTR isn't that rare

    Probably some quest items as well in my TBC main char's bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagassh View Post
    Agent and Proxy of Nozdormu

    Brazier of Invocation

    Plus heaps of old gear like a full Deathmist and Zandalari Demoniac set, Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe, Soul Harvester, Arcanite Ripper etc.
    Would there be any chance of you being Alliance on a EU server? If so, I would be very interested in borrowing you and your brazier for a few minutes.

    And the rarest thing(s) I own would probably have to be the trinkets from the WotLK pre-event.
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    Hm...I guess that would be Baron Rivendare's Runeblade from Stratholme. I've been farming that place regularly for the mount since I was high enough level to solo it and never saw the mount drop. I got the runeblade once. Big flash of excitement for a second when I saw something purple, but then I was let down when it wasn't the mount. :|

    It does make a pretty cool 2h transmog for my warrior though.

    I still have that one tabard you got for participating in that "battle of the dark portal" thing that happened right before BC's launch. I guess it's not super rare, but it's no longer obtainable by any other means, so it's a "you had to be there when it happened" thing.

    edit: I also packrat a lot of stuff in my bank that's no longer obtainable because my warrior has been my main since forever. I have the Black Dragonflight Molt, Spectral Essence, Caer Darrow trinket, Stratholme Ghostbusters gun, that banner you can use in BRD to summon the arena boss, Brazier of Invocation, and I think I still have the item that transforms Ras Frostwhisper to a human. Also, my warlock has been an alt for a long time, and I still have all the items in his bank that you used for the warlock mount quest in Dire Maul (jar to summon the imp, etc).

    Quote Originally Posted by Guarrd View Post
    Would there be any chance of you being Alliance on a EU server? If so, I would be very interested in borrowing you and your brazier for a few minutes.
    I'd love to help you, but I'm Alliance on a US server. :| I've never tried to do it, but I don't think there's any way to make a grouping between EU and US characters work (if you find out there somehow is a way, let me know).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guarrd View Post
    Would there be any chance of you being Alliance on a EU server? If so, I would be very interested in borrowing you and your brazier for a few minutes.
    You really made this account to necro?!! Wow!!!

    Also i have the fel drake

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    I was not intending to necro, I simply did not see the date the last post was made. Please forgive a newbie to mmo-champion posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
    Herald of the Titans earnt before the release of Cataclysm. Had someone ask me when I got it recently, and I said WOTLK and he told me the achievement wasn't possible to get back then, cried a little bit inside. However I earnt it after the Cataclysm system patch with the introduction of Holy Power and the like so I don't consider it a proper one, but at least I earnt it back then without leveling an alt for it.

    A Tribute to Insanity (10man) - earnt in early ICC days so again not proper but over 75% of the people I did this with have since quit and being on an underpopulated server very few people got this ever.

    Champion of Ulduar - basically The Undying but in Ulduar. Got all the bosses for this in Ulduar days except Mimiron for which I had to wait til early ICC again, because we kept running Ulduar for it and different people each week purposely ran into Mimiron's one shot abilities thinking it was funny. Great guild I was in, in terms of attitudes and people. Don't think more than 4 or 5 guilds got this on the server and all the others except mine were primarily 25man guilds and we weren't, so they got the 25man one too (and then almost all of them promptly quit, I have NEVER seen anyone wear Champ of Uld on my server except me and 1 person wearing Conqueror).
    Problem with Champion/Conqueror of Ulduar is they didn't have to be done in a single instance, you could have done it in multiple lockouts over multiple weeks unlike Undying or Immortal.

    My rarest items have to be: or

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    Orb of Deception

    and i guess maybe the mythic Garrosh mount and the Headless Horseman's mount....
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    Tabard of the protector or Big Love Rocket I suppose, I am uncertain whether I actually own any unoptainable titles.

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    Hand of Adal title

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    I realize this thread got necro'd but it's a cool thread anyway.

    I have a Sheen of Zanza in my mage's bank, as well as a Green-colored HWL staff, also the original 60% Brewfest ram, Level 58 blue PVP gear (looks the same as the revamped gear but with different stats, new versions are level 60), Blessed Wizard Oil

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    Tabard of the Void
    Quote Originally Posted by Tonus View Post
    Anyway stop being such an ass fucktard.
    Quote Originally Posted by oblivium666 View Post
    Would you kindly go fuck yourself?

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    Super Simian Sphere

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    Dayum, it's been a few years since I've seen this thread holy shit! But yea OT: probably murky - little crazy on the cost today.. Wish I would of kept a few extra for fun hahah! Original CE is also pretty rare today. Pretty awesome seeing all the old faces in this thread - ripinpeace <3

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    I don't know if i have anything actually rare, just some obscure crap from vanilla on my warlock. I have polar bear pet (from some early anniversary iirc) in my bank, have it learned too, but can't trade that and it's unique. (can have only one learned) Dunno if it's anything special. Does headless horseman mount count? I may also have some rare green items which drop from only few mobs in the game, but i'm not really gotten into that.
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