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    Korrak BG idea

    An old BG idea I had. I reworked it and started a new thread here. Based on all the feedback I think everything is ironed out now except for the lore and the layout of the battlefield. What do you think?

    -Only one flag in the entire BG.
    -Whoever lands the killing blow on the flag carrier becomes the new flag carrier.
    -The flag cannot be dropped.
    -Whichever side holds the flag the longest wins.

    Battlefield NPC: Korrak the Bloodrager!!! He was the NPC who used to guard snowfall GY in Alterac Valley.
    -He always targets the flag carrier.
    -He cannot be CC'd, taunted, or killed.
    -He travels at normal player run speed.
    -If he runs over any player, offense or defense, he grievously wounds them and stuns them for 5 seconds (trample attack).
    -Every minute he does an Icehowl-type charge; the Icehowl-type charge can be sidestepped...If any offensive or defensive players are charged they are killed (charge attack).
    -If he successfully tramples or charges the FC he grabs the FC, rips the flag out of the FC's hands, throws the player 100 yards in a forward direction, and quickly returns the flag to his mound at the center of the battlefield and goes to sleep.
    -Anyone can grab the flag while Korrak is asleep.

    How the play will go:
    -The game starts with Korrak asleep with the flag on the center mound.
    -Whoever grabs the flag has a 5 second speed boost to get away from Korrak and from enemy players.
    -FCs are immune to CC. Keep in mind an FC may have freedom to run away but he might end up all alone. He'll always want to be near his teammates for protection. CC immunity is a catch-22 if you think about it.
    -It will be challenging to arrange for a fast runner to get the killing blow on the flag carrier.
    -Players who kill the FC better be ready to carry the flag themselves...the more players who pile on the FC the less certainty who will end up with the flag...maybe even a dpsing healer.
    -There is no hiding...Korrak always knows where the flag carrier is...Attacking teams may follow Korrak.
    -Korrak ensures that the flag carrier must constantly be on the digging in. This is the true heart of this BG.
    -Offensive players may anticipate the direction of the FC based on Korrak's position and the terrain. For example FCs may be forced into ravines or onto bridges.
    -Players may camp the center mound in anticipation of Korrak returning the flag.
    -A canny FC may "aim" Korrak just before he's caught so that he knows where Korrak will throw him to. He can plan to survive the 100 yard throw and land near the center mound to grab his own rebound.
    -The FC may try to aim Korrak at enemy players just before he charges...friendly players watch out too!
    -Defensive players may CC offensive players and have the FC lead Korrak over them causing trample damage.
    -Korrak's charge will enable him to catch up to the FC if he is far behind.
    -If the FC holds the flag for a long time Korrak starts to enrage, running faster and charging more frequently.

    Alley Oop Yourself-get your own rebound from a Korrak throw.
    Steerike!-cause ten enemy players to die from a single charge attack.
    Can't Touch This-the enemy team never touches the flag.
    Azeroth Globetrotters-every player holds the flag at least once in a single battle.

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    I think it would really screw over some classes if FCs are immune to CCs. Korrak has too much control over the BG. Also just seems like one massive clusterfuck around Korrak.

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    I like it. Never really seen this idea before

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    and what happens when a gaurdian druid grabs it first? because of the perma movement speed increase he will always be faster then korrak. and overall i think it would be stupid.

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    good ideas, im not sure why its so important to have korrak involved as im not up on the lore... but overall, pvp is so under-represented that I would welcome anything new. Just wish blizzard made a wider selection of bgs. nice 1

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    Imho every bg with npc sucks.

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    Oh man, this gives me another idea, a Saxton Hale BG. Similar to yours, make it a capture point with Attackers and Defenders, defending gets points, capping points gets points, whoever has the most points at the end wins, BUT, occasionally, a retardedly strong NPC shows up and targets EVERYONE in the area. Which ever team gets the killing blow on it gets some bonus points. This NPC can't be tanked and will tunnel vision one player at a time.

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    King of the Hill BG basically?

    and about Korraks movement, just increase his movement speed by 10% every 10 seconds (or more to make the game go an even faster pace).
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    Sounds like a doable idea. Sadly doubt blizzard will give a shit :S You should however still post it on the blizz forum

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