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    Imperial Vizier Zor'Lok - Heart of Fear [First Boss] Picture Guide!

    I've done up several pictorial guides for MOP for my guild and considering the amount of time they take (Not sure how but they do) I thought I'd share with the rest of the community.

    Input is always appreciated for content/tips!

    Edit: Thanks Harsesis! <3 I should have caught this considering the amount of videos I watched, but I more-so listened than watched - no clue how I came to that assumption. Updated!

    And the bubbles - all my numbers and tool tips are based on the in-game dungeon guide; I imagine this relevant for phase 2 when all abilities are available at the same time.

    (You'll have to remove the spaces since I only read not post on here) http: //i.imgur.com/3ErsC. jpg
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    Its clean u can click it.

    In before MAH KEEZZz.

    its cute =).
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    Seems pretty good, actually. Good job .
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    Haven't checked the video, but the fight is essentially the same as it was on the beta right?

    2 phases

    phase 1 fighting boss on 3 platforms dealing with different abilities

    phase 2 middle fight, more dmg, dealing with all his abilities simultaneously till he's dead.

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    very good, I'd really enjoy seeing more of these

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    You mention he will always start on platform "one" but from my beta experience that was the one he never started at. He always saved that one for last. From the testing I did he would randomly pick "two" or "three" then go to the other and then "one".

    Another note would be that he doesn't put down the bubble on the Attenuation platform. You simply have to dodge them.

    If this has changed from beta then whatever, but that was how all the testing was.
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    Bump, a useful post for once.

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    love these kind of guides. do you have others?

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    I remember seeing someone making these for the first tier of Cataclysm, was cute hah.
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