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    Guards Around Pandaria

    I feel like the guards around pandaria seem to be rather weak, and pose no threat when attacking other players in such areas that provoke guards. One main example, is on our server the alliance can continuously camp the PVP Vendors on serpent's spine and do it with little troubles. These aren't raid groups mind you, these aren't even always 90s, players just seem to be able to provoke guards now days and the consequences just don't seem fitting. Any thoughts on this?

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    I suppose it would likely be to not discourage world PvP. Having guards that can insta-kill (or nearly) players would be a pretty big discouragement for PvP. Areas where PvP players would congregate would be the vendors.
    If you want to make raiding content harder, turn off DBM. Voila! Your encounters will be much more challenging without bleeps and someone telling you to "run away, little girl."

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    Also remember that on PvP servers, all guards are drastically nerfed to encourage world pvp. In neutral towns you'll still have to deal with guards that will deal an imposing amount of damage to you, but opposite faction towns will be pushovers for any small party.

    A good change imo, between this and cross-faction, town raids are back in the lower level zones, a nice change of scenery if you can't find any action when you're in Pandaria.

    Now if only they did something about flying mounts...

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    ya 2.5m guards that are elites and swarm like crack heads to crack..are weak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newaccountforthiscontest View Post
    ya 2.5m guards that are elites and swarm like crack heads to crack..are weak
    I don't recall them having 2.5mil hp

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    The ones at halfhill hit for about 200k on plate.

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