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    Honor vendor location

    Can a mod downsize the pictures... I forgot how to do it and have to run to class now.
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    Well played mate. Thanks.
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    as a european, nothing, nothing at all

    thanks to numerous documentaries like the one you´ve linked, everyone knows, if shit happens, it will happen to the US first

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    Thank you.

    I know Blizzard wants us to 'explore' the world... but putting the badge vendors there and in Niuzao... was that really necessary?

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    I like it. Not like its hard at all.

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    What about the weapon vendor?

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    They aren't there on my server

    We don't believe in your Horde or your Alliance. We only believe in undeath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asheriah View Post
    They aren't there on my server
    You're EU? We get them tomorrow
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninji
    "lets loose quik" is the only alliance pride I am aware of
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    I'm not one who ignores problems if it's not already obvious to you.
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    The really sucky thing is, those vendors are super easy to pull and kill as a Horde.

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    Just noting that these are Alliance vendors and are not faction neutral

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    To make thumbnails:
    (remove the &s)

    Where the second LINK is add either s or m onto to the end, before the .jpg, and that will change the size to medium or small.

    For example
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