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    Don't change our fist of the North Star ability. Just need to make its range 1000 yards and apply touch of death after ten seconds.

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    If it's going to turn into anything it has to be a cleave. It's the one thing we really lack.

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    Give a diff major glyph for it..

    Does x amount of damage to a single target instantly and stuns for 3 secs.

    course for balance lower damage slightly...say FoF does 120k(random number), with glyph 100k total

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    Maybe just nerf its damage(ever so slightly) so its not a part of the normal rotation and give the damage to .. i don't know rising sun kick?
    Would still be as useful for pvp as is now and wouldn't run the risk of being op,like it would if it could be cast while moving.

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    Rising sun kick doesn't need to do more damage, it does enough as it is. Damage should be moved to Blackout Kick, or Tiger Palm if they find a way to make it useful for WW past the inital stack of Tiger Power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukuku View Post
    Fists of fury make me feel like a Dragonball Z character. :]
    I thought that was what zen flight was for?

    honestly though I'd be perfectly fine with it if you could cast it while moving, its rather punishing to cast it then the tank move the bosses out of range of it, might also help in pvp but I have no experience with pvp so thats a guess.

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    Fists of the monkey king.

    Useable within melee range-15 yards. Sucks the target and two nearby targets and stuns them and deals moderate damage that can be aoe over the duration. Can minor glyph away the sucking part but it will only be melee range. Or just visit a trainer to change how it works.

    Something usefull for both pvp and pve i guess.

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    Touch of 5 Steps

    3 chi. 30 sec cd

    make the target bleed(same damage of FoF) and all around for 5 sec. after 5 sec all the targets affected are stunned for 4 sec.(your character is in zen state and can not take any action and blocking all physical attacks for 4 seconds)

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    just let FoF do 100% more damage if it hits 2 targets or 200% more damage if it hits 3 targets -> cleave problem solved.

    oh, and they should fix the haste scaling problem. currently FoF only does 4 ticks when you reach a certain point of haste rating, which seems to be around 14,3%ish haste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Don't complain until you have to play an Arcane mage. Just saying.
    do you ignore your first talent tier, or what? Arcane is no where near as bad as it used to be.

    And monks != ranged DPS that just sit at range and smash buttons until loot comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Ten Palm Strike
    Instant Cast | 30 Sec cooldown.

    Unleash your stored Chi in a devastating strike, dealing X damage for every Chi spent up to 3 Chi. Every Chi spent will cause the strike to deal 50% of its primary damage to 2 additional targets within melee range, up to a maximum of 5 extra targets. When 3 Chi is spent on Ten Palm Strike, affected targets will be stunned for 3 sec.
    I personally like this idea.

    But I'd rather see the stun go away and put into a new ability while using something like this as an addition to our rotation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi87 View Post
    I wouldn't ask for it to be replaced, just adjusted so we can use it while moving as other classes have similar abilities with flexibility.
    I agree, just make it so we can walk while doing it.

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    I'm all for constructive discussions but this topic has gone beyond flogging a dead horse. I must have seen 20-30 seperate posts about this and it has been pitched to Blizzard time and time again and their response has been and will be "we like FoF and the way it works". The simplest answer is to make a glyph to remove the stun but let it cleave properly, but still, you're better off putting your efforts into something that actually has a chance of changing because Blizz have really set their stall out on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashpanda View Post

    Wind Slash
    3 Chi
    Instantly cast - 30 sec cooldown

    Rip through 5 targets in a straight line in front of you dealing X nature damage over 5 seconds, all targets hit will be stunned for 4 seconds. Refreshes your Tiger Power buff.

    X = exact same damage as FOF.

    Really important that this ability displays a very bright green slash in a forward motion, this allows us to get comfortable and understand it's distance, as a pose to some invisible wave of pulsating stun damage that we currently have.

    Instant cast means ease of use and far more suitable for melee, as melee classes pretty much have no casting abilities.

    Damage as a dot and a 5 second duration is done to similate the time it would take if you were channeling FOF, since the damage is the same anyway it's done just so it doesn't cause problems with burst in pvp (although it would be nice to have this).

    Ultimately this ability is far more controlled while still doing the same damage and providing the same CC as before (perhaps slightly less cc but having it instant cast makes up for that).
    I am up for this ability to replace it but I say remove the stun and make Clash a WW spell also.

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    Most of FoF's problems would be fixed if it could be channeled while moving.
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    I like it and the fact that it stuns. So OP. lol

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    I guarantee if they just changed the sound it comes with to more of rapid chain of punch sounds (from Indiana Jones) no one would have a problem with this ability anymore. Guaranteed.

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