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    Would you pay $100 for a level 90 character?

    If Blizzard had a new service where you could pay $100 for a level 90 character, would you buy one? Personally I would. Its not hard to play a new class these days with the simplified talent trees, etc. Getting to level 90 wouldn't hurt anyone, you would just save unnecessary time from leveling & Blizzard would profit.

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    no. i like leveling my character. it will hurt the players imo. dungeons will be filled by ppl that cant do more than 15k dps when they got gear for 50k dps ( which is what's happening alot with random ppl )
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    I dont think so, i enjoy levelling new classes at low levels, its just the most recent expac thats a grind. 85-90 is so painful after the first character.
    I bet a lot of people would though.

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    That's a slippery slope there Brewski. Next thing you know they'll be selling raid quality items at an auction.
    /end sarcasm.

    Seriously though I'm all for convenience but some things just need to be done the way they were intended to be done.

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    100 dollars just for a level 90?? Wow, some people have way too much disposable income

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    No. Leveling up teaches you how to play the class.

    You think it's bad now in BG/LFD/LFR.... Try it with people able to buy level 90's.

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    The day it happens is the day WoW dies.

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    I personally wouldn't and I think all it would do is cause chaos

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    I wouldn't either. I think I spend/have spent enough money on this game over the years.

    I actually enjoy a lot of the lower levels, especially with regards to PvP. It also doesn't take that long to level. If you have heirlooms it is ridiculously fast.

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    You know that not everybody is rich or stupid enough to do something like that right? i rather spend $100 buying food or gas for my car.

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    I wouldn't pay $25 for a Server Transfer.

    Hell to the no. Not a chance.
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    Yeah, I would. I don't think I can describe how much I hate leveling, I nearly quit the game each time an expansion is brought out because of it.
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    omg people already buy accounts on internet.. we don't need more braindeads who can't play a class

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    Quote Originally Posted by valax View Post
    omg people already buy accounts on internet.. we don't need more braindeads who can't play a class
    Because leveling totally teaches you how to play your class! Oh wait, no, internet resources do that for you. Every. Time.
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    Nope. $100 is a good chunk of change for some pixels. Also, your whole Getting to level 90 wouldn't hurt anyone argument holds absolutely no water. Think there are bad tanks/healers/DPS now? There'd be ten times as much with kids wanting to play whatever they felt was better than their main and convinced their parents to ante-up for the cost.

    There may be an acceptable amount of good people that show up whom know how to research their class and so on, but the influx of more baddies would exist on a far larger scale.

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    $100 is way too steep for me personally. If it was more affordable? Yeah, possibly.

    That said, I don't think the implementation of such a thing would be a good direction to take the game.

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    I want to level my chars personally.

    I did RAF and got to level very fast on 2 toons.
    As a result I got the bonus levels on my shammy, who became 60 in a few seconds.

    In the end, I deleted the shammy and recreated it again on level 1 and leveled him up.
    In my opinion, the leveling process makes a chars really yours.
    I don't mind having bonusses to xp but just gain levels by doing nothing is a bridge too far.

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    I spent 4 days /played to level to 90. It's about 100 hours. My income is more than $1/hour, so yes, I would pay for that. Leveling now is extremely boring compared to BC/early WotLK, so I would pay for that without hesitation. And everyone use 2—3 spells all the way to 90, so argument that leveling helps to learn character is wrong. You either learn to play or not, whether you'r leveling or just bought 90 level doesn’t matter.

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    Why do some many who hate lvling ask for this. Can't you think of a better solution?

    The solution is not to introduce a paid service that allows you to get an instant max lvl character.
    The solution is to improve the lvling. People didn't seem to have a problem with lvling back in TBC when lvling up was a much more significant part of the game. It took longer and it was harder. They should make it like that again. Also you didn't have to go through outland/northrend/cata/mop to play endgame, they should give us the option to skip some of that
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    No, I can't say that I would.
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