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    3v3 Composition Ideas

    I play a Retribution Paladin and I want to get into some high rated 3v3s. I have a friend who plays a mean DK in PvP. What healer would be optimal for us? Is there a set comp that is already known for DK/Ret/Healer? Thanks for the help!
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    Dk Ret Druid is really good try that out. Thats all i know about tho or you could try running it with a shaman.

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    Yeah last season a lot of people ran DK/Ret/Priest ... most notably Vanguards. Priests suck right now so don't run with one, they will just get globaled. Run with an rdruid or rshaman

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    DK / Ret / Shaman & DK / Ret / Druid are both somewhat viable comps atm. They'll probably get better with the next patch when Warriors and Mages get toned down a little.

    Other viable comps for Ret atm:

    Ret / Warr / Healer
    Ret / Mage / Healer (normally priest)
    Ret / Hunter / Healer (a large amount of burst and instant CC, although KFC is just superior atm)
    Ret / Feral / Healer (iffy comp, is somewhat viable, i played it in s9 to 2.2, although shiz might've changed).

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