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    Healing Gara'jal HC

    So we're trying to kill Gara'jal HC in 25p at the moment and there's something that's bothering me.
    Other classes just HoT everyone in the Spirit World but me, as a disc, can't even heal 2 people to 100% if I pull everything I got.
    I would need Penance + 6 Flash Heals for every single person to get them to 100%. There's just not enough time for that. In NHC this wasn't really a problem.

    How should I go on about healing them? It's really a shame that heals are so low without Grace stacks...
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    Actually HoT's are terrible in the shadow realm, they don't really stack the buff. Your goal should be to stack the buff on everyone as high as possible, so you will have to spam heals for 30 seconds straight. The mana buff you gain from spamming yourself will allow you to do this.

    On which spell Disc wants to use down there I'm not entirely sure but it will be a high hps spell like flash heal, or greater heal (or perhaps binding heal to heal 2 people if disc still has that?)

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    Why are they even sending a Disc priest in the SR?

    Disc priests on Gara'Jal HC are supposed to reforge/offgear into stacking haste and just spam Atonement DPS/Heals.

    Doing so also allows you not to ever go OOM since dps abilities won't cost you shit so that you won't need to go down.

    have 3 healers assigned to the 3 groups going down, a 4th healer as backup and you as the 2nd backup only in case of the 4th still having the debuff if another one of the healers gets the doll.

    If you are really forced to get down use binding heal/FH to heal them all up.

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    4 healers is a overkill lol

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    on 10 man that is ofc , but on 25 its 3 healable from what i have seen from other guilds

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