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    Question about 10M H healing

    So I was just wondering which fights in 10M H Vaults are two healed and which are 3 healed. I know part of that is based on comp, your comps overall dps, etc. Our main healers are myself (holy/disc) and a Mistweaver and we have a Brrewmaster tank and our warrior tank will eventually switch to his DK, so that also helps, obviously.

    As far as I understand the two heal fights are Garajal (although kind of RNG to 2 heal and can be 3 healed if dps is good enough), Spirit Kings and Elegon; the rest being 3 healed?

    Was also wondering if anyone else had some insight about normals/heroics in Terrace/Heart; I have been somewhat lacking in my personal research this tier because of WoL being a whore and a somewhat full plate because of school this semester.

    I appreciate the insight my fellow priesties ^_^

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    H Stone Guard: 2 - 4. We 4 healed it on our first kill (jasper, jade, cobalt) to deal with the spike damage. Worked out well for us, but we have been 3 healing since then. I have heard of guilds that 2 heal, as well. 3 seems to be the most common

    H Feng: 3. Arcane phase damage is ridiculously high and unless you have the proper rotation of cds, you'll most likely lose someone there.

    H Gara'jal: 2 -3 depending on dps. We 2 healed it with me as holy and a monk.

    H Spirit Kings: We did a few attempts. It has a tighter enrage timer, so 2 healing would probably be the most viable. There isn't much damage in that fight besides cleave in the beginning and AoE later in the fight.

    H Elegon: We did a few attempts. It has a similar dps requirement to Gara'jal, so we are 2 healing this again, but with a pally and a monk.

    H Will of the Emperor: I'm unsure about this, but this one looks like it will depend on how stellar your healers are just because of the gas phase. With Heart of Fear coming out and an influx of gear, 2 healing will probably be the most viable.

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    Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.

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    It just depends on how good you and your healing core is. You can get away with 2 healing most of those fights. I would stick with 3 healers until dps became an issue or the healers are comfortable with dropping another healing. Sorry for the vague answer, but thats all there really is to it.

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