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    What class do you think is easiest to get into rbgs with?

    Don't care the spec I'm just talking class. I think priest Druids shamans mages all are very high on the want list what do you think?

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    Shaman, paladin, druid. Maybe monk now too (all heals of course)

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    Probably protection warrior.

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    Rogue, they still shine in RBGs and there's only about 5 of us left so the group isn't likely to be full of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkthepunk View Post
    Probably protection warrior.
    I think warriors would be about the hardest to get into a group with, most teams has a set FC im sure and it seems like there are a ton of warriors ATM

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    I'd say healers in general, and depending on rating/the group you could remove healing priests from that statement.

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    Holy paladin imo

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    If you like to get in people's grillzs and do lots of damage I'd say go DK but be prepared to die a lot

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