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    Plague Leech and Disease Uptime

    Hey all, last week I tried using Plague Leech instead of Unholy Blight on Spirit Kings as a 2h Frost DK. I noticed in WoL my Blood Plague uptime was only 89% which is awful . And my Frost Fever uptime was only 95%. I looked at the gaps in Blood Plague in the log browser, and noticed most often the gaps were caused by a GCD used on Soul Reaper (because Soul Reaper comes off CD just as I use my Rime proc, and since soul reaper takes priority over diseases, I use that, then I use plague strike).

    The way I was using plague leech was:

    a) Outbreak is off cd, or coming off, I'll hit Plague Leech -> Outbreak
    b) I have a Rime proc available, Plague Leech -> Howling Blast -> Plague Strike

    This also seems to be the optimal way to use it according to EJ's Advanced Frost Priority thread (for 2h).

    My question is, should I try to get those diseases up and delay Soul Reaper for a gcd? And can anyone provide some logs where they (or another DK) was using Plague Leech? (preferably on Spirit Kings)

    Here is my log (my DK is Maggh): http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-9d...?s=3893&e=4512

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    Don't delay Soul Reaper at all. It's damage is not disease dependent.

    SR = 1 GCD for say ~130K dmg

    Only way diseases would take priority over SR is if the boss was alive for enough time that the ticks out damaged the SR.

    Your Blood Plague ticks for ~8K dmg per 3 secs and Plague strike deals around 19K dmg. So that Plague strike deals 19 + 10*8 = 99K damage if the mob is alive for a full 30 seconds - less for every 3 second until it dies i.e. if the mob is only gonna live for 7 seconds - that plague strike will only deal 37K damage (however it'll also buff your Oblits during this time so you could take that into account for more accuracy).

    Your FF ticks for ~11K. So HB deals 46K + 10* 11K = 146K. Less for whenever you would say rewrite it on a rime proc. i.e. if you redid it 6 secs later that GCD would of only been worth 68K dmg.

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