<Team Cupcake> is a new guild made up of a small group of people looking for serious progression on a casual, 2 night a week schedule.

About Us: We are made up of a small group of friends who are looking for the excitement of creating something successful from the very beginning, rather than joining an already established guild. We truly believe that the effort and determination needed to start up a brand new, successful guild in these times of instant gratification will pay off for all involved and be the most enjoyable option in the end.

We have been playing for 7+ years, starting back in Vanilla. During this time we have all been in competitive guilds vying (and achieving) server firsts through Vanilla, BC and WotLK. As such, we have extensive raid experience and now, upon returning from a largely casual experience in Cata, we are ready to dive straight back into it.

Short Term - Being a newly formed guild, our most immediate goal at present is to bolster our ranks and move into 10man raiding as soon as possible.

As a brand new guild this will obviously require a lot of patience and persistence from all involved. With this in mind we're looking for people who want the feeling of accomplishment only gained from building something special from the ground up.

While in this building process we will of course be working on running challenge modes and raid finder as a group to keep ourselves occupied.

Long Term - To be a top 2 night a week 25man raiding guild. With a core which has largely been actively raiding through Vanilla to LK, we have always found the larger scale raids to offer not only a greater challenge, but also a more enjoyable environment.

Raiding Times: Raiding Times will be Monday and Wednesday night from 7:30 - 11:30 AEST. With Friday nights as a backup in case we ever need them. We truly believe that despite such a lenient schedule we can progress at a solid rate if we use this time efficiently.


Currently we are looking for:

1-2 exceptional DPS: Warlock/Rogue/DK/Fury Warrior/Feral

2 exceptional healers: Druid/Priest/Paladin

1 exceptional tank: DK/Druid/Paladin


* Dedication to the guild. This is the most fundamental expectation we have. If done correctly, this really encompasses everything we could possibly ask of you. Particularly during this early phase, we expect all members to sincerely want to make something special, a place where we all feel proud to call home.

* Once raiding begins, we would expect all core raiders to be competitive with one another. This means putting in the effort to better your character through all avenues available to you and transitioning this into our raids. As with all successful raiding guilds, spots will always be in competition.

* A positive and respectful attitude. Nobody wants to play with the brooding doom and gloom guy who only ever sees the negative in everything. Having a positive attitude makes for a more enjoyable and fun environment for everyone! We also expect this attitude to extend to those outside the guild while wearing the <Team Cupcake> guild tag.

If you've managed to stick with us through to here, then you definitely sound like the type of person we're looking for! If interested please feel free to contact any of the officers (details below) in-game with further queries.

Contact info:
Ishulu - BT: Tambs#6722
Metïs - BT: Gravity#1444