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Thread: Red = Dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomercyBeastmaster View Post
    I love to hear about "gankers". There has only ever been one TRUE ganker.

    ANGWE :

    This Orc would camp the boats of Menethil (and other various locations) and you NEVER got by him. They would send 5 or 6 people at a time to stop him and he would leave them all dead in their tracks.

    Oh man, that was a good read.

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    Pandaren Monk Peacemoon's Avatar
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    I do follow a code, I usually play defensively and gank only those who I have seen ganking others or come from a ganking guild. I play on a RP-PvP realm though, and don't really consider my Tauren Druid bloodthirsty. He will however fight to the death to defend his friends and allies

    I do love the very fragile nature of peace on PvP realms though. Sometimes I can hunt and quest alongside Alliance and we will share hugs and help each other - but other times it turns into a mini war. No matter what the situation however, you must always be prepared and be on your toes.
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    Nerf Red. Blue is fine.
    That guy (>'.')>

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    Fluffy Kitten Rivelle's Avatar
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    You should see my never fails to amuse me.

    Over the years it's changed so much there is now a massive population imbalance in the favor of horde. While doing dailies, I regularly see many people of both factions in the area getting their stuff done. I have not even once yet seen any member of either faction attack one of the others while doing dailies. Every day, it amazes me. They even help each other kill some boss quest mobs, so if they happen to get hit it's just a stray aoe and everyone goes on their way afterwards.

    I used to stick with the red is dead philosophy for sure, years ago. I can't say I do that anymore. I won't attack someone if they don't attack me first. It just seems to be my server code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryss View Post
    Yes if we are competing for resources (mining node, herbs, quest mobs), yes if they are engaged killing some of my faction, yes if it a player who ganked me earlier.

    No if he's underlevel, no if he is already fighting mobs or below 80% unless he attacked me first.

    And I never camp unless he did it first, neither do I /spit /dance on corpse or /laugh at my victims. And I tend to flag as KoS those doing just that.
    i got a question for,

    say u were a lvl 90 horde and u saw a lvl 50 monk attack me a lvl 50 alliance monk 1st and hes losing, and runs to you would u kill me?

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    Great to see the results are so close
    Quote Originally Posted by Dynati View Post
    Patience and reason do appear to be in short supply these days in the gaming community.

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    Yes, whatever the situation, whatever my chances of victory are, I will attack.

    It's what Garrosh expects of me after all.

    I will kill people multiple times if they are stupid enough to be seen by me multiple times, so I guess people probably assume I'm camping them. Truth is I have no intention of camping anyone, but if they flop into my vision repeatedly then they are asking for it. If the Alliance want to live they can skulk in the filth to avoid detection, I'm fine with that since it proves Horde dominance as much as ripping their corpse apart with my tillers knife does.

    Oh I use a tillers knife to desecrate the fallen also. It's a me thing.

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    =Redemption ?

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    No I do not

    and the answer for most people...Yes (if they are at least 2 lvls under me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    i got a question for,

    say u were a lvl 90 horde and u saw a lvl 50 monk attack me a lvl 50 alliance monk 1st and hes losing, and runs to you would u kill me?
    If I would see the start of the fight and saw he started would be killing him with me laughing as he dies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodgela View Post
    hahahhahah what a silly silly way of looking at it. Don't you understand...if someone like myself was to see you i would HAPPIly gank and camp you for as long as humanly possible and for no apparent reason. You have to take your shot when u get it. If you think being nice to others on a PvP realm on WARcraft is gonna save you then you're delusional. I would actually beeline you harder than anyone else for being such a weak ____.God i would love to "bug" a little carebear like you to the point of uninstallation. Just cull some of the dead weight from the game.
    Pretty much everytime i log on to wow my aim is to harass someone, or some people, to the point of logging off their chars and sending me a message. Ive got a huge collection of screenshots of angry messages. My little trophie collection.
    Well while I don't agree with the person you quoted, I think this might be a helpful link for you
    "Peace is a lie"

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    If you were in a war, would you kill the children of opposing side? That said, I only gank people who can fight back.

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    I literally just bought a realm transfer to a PvE server. Before that: yes. Now: nope, not anymore.
    Torque, Guardian of Cenarius

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    Only if I'm provoked, such as node stealing, clumsy attacks or aggression. If they decide to attack me, then I'll kill them back and any other members of their guild I meet during that week.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    Funny story. I never used to do that. I was minding my own business and never attacked anyone first. As time flew and while leveling my alts, every horde that passed by killed me no mater that I was many lvl's under him. So, now I can't miss an opportunity to get even. If I'm flying somewhere and see "red", it's dead, no mater what.

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    The Unstoppable Force Gehco's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    I only hunt people down if they are proving a problem for me. As in, stealing nodes and such. If they just run around minding their own business, then so do I. I'm a man of honor, so I don't spit or do any emotes that may be taunting.
    Stuff can be fixed, just get enough glue or duct tape!
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    I never ever attack someone, but if someone dares to attack me and fails, expect to be corpsecamped for 3 hours. I will easily do this if someone pisses me off ;x

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    I am Murloc! MasterHamster's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Land of the mighty moose, polar bears and fika.
    Attack anything that doesn't have a pvp trinket equipped
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    No. I never kill a player of the opposing faction. If I server transfer again I will most likely choose a pve server.

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    Toms River, NJ
    No. I play on a PVE server, first of all. If I'm in an area and there also happens to be a flagged Ally there, I still find myself running away even if I'm not flagged myself. If I'm flagged, I sit in a town or stay dead until my flag goes away. I don't ever attack first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
    Only if I'm provoked, such as node stealing, clumsy attacks or aggression. If they decide to attack me, then I'll kill them back and any other members of their guild I meet during that week.
    Well that escalated quickly.

    Anyways, if I see someone of the opposing faction of equal level and can evaluate their gear (through how much hp they have) I go ahead and engage usually just once unless they reciprocate. Low levels are a no go unless they're like a level 85 camping level 20s.
    Quote Originally Posted by High Overlord Saurfang
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