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    SK Gaming's live Sunwell stream


    Not entirely sure where to post this but please correct me if I might be in the wrong place here.
    As I have been looking for these recorded videos on and off I was simply wondering where I might find them? Or if anyone who got them and can upload them somewhere?
    Joost seems to have closed and they even seem to have deleted the recordings even before that.
    I would be greatful if anyone could direct me somewhere if you got any info.

    Regards, Zhell

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    ooo yes would love to see how the old SK gaming approached raids if possible
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foto View Post
    ooo yes would love to see how the old SK gaming approached raids if possible
    Indeed! The raids that I am talking about is the ones they did over four thursdays four years ago. And there seems to be no trace of them at all.

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    Seems like this is basically gone...? (unofficial bump)

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    would be cool to watch...i dont know the answer to your question tho.
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    im pretty sure they didnt stream back then. Streaming is first something that become popular later in the gaming history?

    Correct me if im wrong.

    You can watch videos of their kills tho.

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    Yah....streaming became alive with sc2.
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    oh heck here is the google page.


    they are still out there.

    By far my favorite wasn't any of the SK stuff.... it was Jack's video with nilhium. Just search for "jacks sunwell or jacks naxx or jacks ulduar" some of the best raiding wow vids ever done.

    The full livestream collection I don't know if you can find. They were using "joost" at the time which seems to have dissapeared all of the content. Much of it lives on in youtube form and a bit on warcraftmovies.
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    Well as it is said, if it is on the internet at one point it will never dissappear.
    However I find it very hard to find. I know I watched them all at some point.
    Yes they did stream back then, they also did a ZA speedrun competition SK Gaming vs. Nihilum.
    I will however look for it and post here if I find it. But if you do know where to aquire them and or have them I would be greatful.

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