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    Just because you may not need it by the time you might get it, some people actually could very well get it on their first or second tries.

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    I find it hard to care about epics that have a 0.2% drop rate. They don't really affect me. I just find it nice that heroics no longer give out epics as the normal reward. Makes epics feel epic again.
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    I loved the low drop rate of the epics, took me about two weeks of running Scholomance every day to get headmaster's will on my lock. The only boring thing is that LFR will give out an even better staff soon enough from terrace of endless spring...

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    I personally thought it was a homage to the vanilla type of ''epic'' drops aka Runeblade of Rivendare / Darkmasters staff
    I did over 277 runs on my druid trying to get the baron's mount and I never ended up getting it yet I got the runeblade 2 or 3 times soooo...yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddk View Post
    Am I missing the point here? I mean, this shit is rarer than the super rare mount drops. Wtf Blizz?

    Well I feel like that is the point, they don't want you to be able to que up like in cata and just get handed epics anymore, they're epic
    for a reason

    but I think most of the rare mount drops are around 0.2% also. So Maybe going up to maybe 0.5-1% would be better.

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