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    HoF Trash before Vizier

    We got 2/6 HoF last night, but we encountered some issues with the trash packs before Vizier that wasted some time. I was wondering if you guys had some opinions or insights.

    The first problem we ran into was with the large group that has mind controlled yaungol. Our tanks took extreme damage - we noticed later a ground effect. Is that what was one shottting them? Since they had an MC debuff we weren't sure if there were some way to break it.

    The main problem we had was when we pulled the last trash group in the Vizier's room - the one all the way in the back. Doing so aggro'd the boss himself. From that point on, the boss kept resetting to that spot after each wipe, so we had to continually pull trash + boss. We got through it but it wasted a lot of time.

    Is this intended or some kind of bug (pun)? Any way to avoid this problem / did you guys also run into it? I just don't want to deal with it next week.
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    didnt have any problem with our tanks being 1 shot etc w/any of the trash in the 1st boss room. We CC'd all but 1 or 2 at a time, preferring to CC the casterly ones first etc. We had trap, sap, repentence, root, paralyze available, so yah the trash was not an issue for us. Didn't have any oddness with the boss pulling prematurely or resetting, so not sure what happened for ya there. We don't like those random aggro AE bug packs tho, they are a tad annoying /grin.

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    The MC'd adds have a Cast time on the ability that hits like a truck. I believe it is Jawbone slam. So tank them separately and stun them when they try and cast it. I'd think that you could move away from it but it wasn't causing my group enough trouble to warrant it. Focusing them down helps too.

    As far as the second group my tank misheard which group I wanted him to pull so we cleared left, then right, then middle. The boss pulled as soon as the last trash mob died.

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    Thank you Smeg - very helpful.
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    We ended up pulling the boss once with the trash, who actually hovers in front of the trash pack, because our DK spread diseases to him. We wiped and then pulled the mobs far away to the back of the room and had no issues with the boss pulling prematurely. If anyone was using AoE effects, they would have clipped the boss, which may be why you were having troubles.

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    I ran in, keg smashed, breath of fired, and spinning crane kicked until everything died.

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    As a paladin tank, I did not hold back on my Repentance for all the trash pre-vizier. Gotta watch out for those jawbone strikes though, just get your tanks to pretty much spin the mobs constantly, cant get hit by it that way.

    We also had a problem with the last pack before Viz not actually being attackable. We had to go out and reset the whole instance, clear all the trash up to them twice before we could actually engage them at all.

    Also, fuck those little random aggro taunt immune bug swarms.
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    We like the taunt-immune bug swarms haha. Just have everyone stack up and it's fine.
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