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    NBA FANTASY, How is my team?

    PG Mike Conley, Mem PG
    SG Joe Johnson, Bkn SG, SF
    SF LeBron James, Mia SF DTD
    PF Serge Ibaka, OKC C, PF
    C Marc Gasol, Mem C

    PF Anderson Varejao, Cle C, PF
    G Damian Lillard, Por PG
    F Kenneth Faried, Den PF
    UTIL Kawhi Leonard, SA SF, SG
    UTIL George Hill, Ind PG, SG DTD

    Bench Jonas Valanciunas, Tor C
    Bench Harrison Barnes, GS SF
    Bench Thomas Robinson, Sac PF DTD

    Any suggestions for trades that i should do ?

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    I suggest you trade to the sports forum.

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    It's hard to advise on trades if we don't know what's open lol.

    Since you got Lebron James I'm assuming you got first pick..who was your second choice? Marc gasol?

    It looks okay but I'd have to see the other teams. And FYI we have a basketball thread in the sports forum you'd get better reception in.


    I just posted my fantasy team there too.

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    Okay i didnt see there is one ! Thanks!

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    Trade or cut Varejao. He's a worthless 5 and 5 guy at best.

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    I would stay away from Joe Johnson, his role will be much smaller in Brooklyn, than it was in Atlanta. I don't trust him to space out and be a spot up shooter to D-Will slashing. He will not be getting fed in the post. I'm not sure how the points are generated in your fantasy league, but outside of D-Will, I wouldn't trust the nets. I bet George Hill replaces him on your starting 5, within a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felya420 View Post
    I wouldn't trust the nets.

    *points to my signature*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stommped View Post
    Trade or cut Varejao. He's a worthless 5 and 5 guy at best.
    Bet you regret saying this.

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    hehe man i knew my team was good lol im winning by so much right now

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