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    Quote Originally Posted by glorithan View Post
    I posted this on the cod forums. So i just straight pasted it from there
    "I am quite sure no one of Treyarch reads this or even know of this forum's existence. Your best bet to contact them would be through customer support, mail or a letter because they aren't reading (or acknowledging/posting anything on) their own forum."

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    Hey guys so I saw this was the megathread so I thought this would be appropriate here if any of you guys are interested I got a decent gameplay yesterday and I recorded and uploaded it take a look hopefully you'll appreciate the effort I put into it thanks

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    Having played the campaign to the end

    thank fuck almighty I didn't waste £40 on that, really, that ending was both nonsensical AND pointless, not to mention not even 4 hours of gameplay from the first bullet to the last.
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    I really would like to "talk" with the guy who had the idea of the Shock Charge.
    Some guys don't even shot anymore, they just run and trow the Bouncing Betty at your feet.

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    That 63-17 video...

    It felt like the enemies were complete 'derps'. So many times they just run by you or stare at you right in the face and shoot at nothing.

    Also: Complaining about snipers while running around with an SMG?

    Multiple problems with snipers on the majority of the maps in Black Ops 2...

    Map Sizes: Maps are not that nice to snipers. There are a few maps with some nice 'camping' spots, but overall mats are not in favor of snipers (again).
    Respawns: Snipers get across the map in order to plant themselves down and pick off a few people. By the time that happens, the enemy team is already spawning on their ass. Whenever I'm sniping, I always have someone who just spawned run to me and knife me within seconds of being killed.
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    Here are my first impressions.

    Single Player: Well, I didn't play much. Only first battle in Africa(I guess). I found myself facepalming to incredibly unintelligent AI and unrealistic scene. I think other missions may be better but this was the worst opening scene I've ever seen in FPSs. It's too early to tell SP sux.

    Multi-Player: While I was watching the streams before I bought the game maps seemed kind of MW3-like. I still think there are similarities but there is def. improvements. First maps are a little bit bigger with long lanes allowing people to snipe but it could be better. I've seen shotguns, snipers, rarely AR and mostly SMGs. It's good to see that players are using other types of weapons. I remember nothing but SMGs in MW3. I think SMGs are not OP, it's just maps favor close combat and in close combat AR, sniper or light machine gun can not beat SMGs. Shot gun sdef. have capability to beat SMG only if you land a good initial hit. Again, SMGs are not overpowered but we may see some nerfs, who knows. I found aim down sight too clunky, I just don't use it at all even if I need it. Maybe it's only my machine but a heavy input lag starts once you aim down.
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    What d'you reckon are the chances of getting Treyarch to release all the old Blops maps in a separate playlist?

    That would pretty much solve all the problems for me.

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    So far I'm loving this game, except for Lag Compensation and Spawn locations. Setting the search preference to "Best" seemed to help a little. In games where LC is at it's worst I either go negative a little to just unplayable, and when it's fine my KD is always above 4.0 with me easily topping charts while doing the objective. Having the enemy spawn right behind me (or me right in front of them) is worse than any other CoD I've played yet.

    Fix spawns and Lag Compensation (dedicated servers on consoles please) and this would be the best CoD game yet. For now I'll just blame the fact that the game is new, but if neither of these are looked into then this is the last CoD I'll buy.

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    How is this for PC? Never been a fan of FPS on consoles so I don't really want to get it for that, but I've heard some not so good things about PC servers, is it really that bad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrogan View Post
    How is this for PC? Never been a fan of FPS on consoles so I don't really want to get it for that, but I've heard some not so good things about PC servers, is it really that bad?
    I have no issues other than aim-down sight is too clunky and a bit lag but my pings are not that great anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trogdora View Post
    The release times for both games are perfect. Im getting Halo 4 next week, then Black Ops 2 one week after that! 2 awesome as freak games coming out in one week of each other. This winter I won't be running out of games to play for sure. This year was really really good for gamers, lots of great games have come out as there are still more to come out. Its epic.

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    Also 'mainstream' games such as CoD doesn't get much love from the community here at MMO-C. I'd just be prepared for a few flames here and there OP.
    I don't think it's because it's "mainstream". You make it sound like we are all snobby music lovers or something.

    I think the game appeals to a different demographic, the console gamer.

    Personally I never buy the games because they are over priced, and their PC multiplayer support is shocking. Other than that they are good games.
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    Is the first person in the game always the host? I have BO2 installed on my SSD, so 90% of the time I'm the first person in the game, does that mean I get host as often?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrogan View Post
    How is this for PC? Never been a fan of FPS on consoles so I don't really want to get it for that, but I've heard some not so good things about PC servers, is it really that bad?
    I was a bit apprehensive about buying it on PC, I've always played the CoD series on my Xbox360. But I actually like it quite a bit more, the graphics are very good compared to the console version, it's amazing to be able to run it at 60+ fps. Being able to change the FoV also helps a lot. There are however two things that I'm missing, 1 dedicated servers, 2 the ability to check your ping. Regarding bugs, there really aren't many, every once in a while you connect to an awful host where you "clip" a bit, I usually just d/c from the host right away and join another.
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    I figured out why aim-down sight feels clunky. Whenever I aim 25,30 dps drops instantly. Any1 got any idea?

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    Software update now for PS3, hopefully fixes the freezing/blur issues.

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    Well thanks for your feedback, I didn't notice them running past me that much but I suppose I would say that seeing as I made the video, also regarding my sniper comments I just find them annoying and think they need to be tweaked in terms of how easy it is for people to quickscope, I'm basing this on the amount of people doing it and succeeding at it, it shouldnt be that easy wouldnt you agree? I too like you have a problem with spawns in this game on some maps , like Hijacked they are ruthless. I have no problem with the type of sniping gameplay you described right there, I encourage it, I'm just clarifying that I hate people running around quick scoping and I would encourage people who do that to use an smg, because I personally feel cheated when I get quickscoped. Apologies for any misunderstandings that may have come across in the video.

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    Played MW1&2, loved them. Played MW3 after being swayed into it, play it for a few hours on the weekends when a friend or two is online. Horrible game, but can deal with it. Black Ops, I got a full refund after 3 weeks after playing Zombies, Story, Multiplayer, and hitting third prestige.

    Going to need a lot of convincing for me to buy it honestly, chances are high I would even return it and possibly count it as an insult for anyone who bought the game for me. I've haven't seen much change when it comes to Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, or Black Ops 2. Those 3 games look almost exactly the same just with more sparkly and shiny lights here and there. Most of the bugs/explits seemed to remain. A few Black Ops 2 Maps look re-skinned layouts from Modern Warfare 2 and the first Modern Warfare.

    Aiming down the sight in the videos I've watch seems drastically slower, and doesn't seem to work well while moving at XYZ angles (A lot of screen tearing is what I mean by that.)

    I've seen more video tutorials on hacking and hacking complaints with the theatered footage on youtube than I have in reviews or "montages", or even streams... (I personally thought it was outrageous and depressing that G4's 'Attack of the Show' promoted and gave away modded controllers that where pre-programmed...)

    Still no dedicated servers, lag is going to be an issue still regardless of 30Mb+ net...

    1 perk alone. A single perk. Just absolutely makes no sense to me what so ever in Black Ops 2 to why they would add it to the game. And it's Ghost.

    Several people have mentioned the SMG issues already as well as cross-board weapon balance, will skip that...

    One of the moderately reviewed games at E3, and graded fairly low to match. I mean, really, Tomb Raider, the newest Pokemon edition, and several DLC's, and even MMORPG expansions where graded higher. Free to play expansions at that.

    Announceing, writing, developing, rendering, testing, marketing a game within 8 months, seriously? Activision sure rushed them with their huevos to the fire expecting a perfect game.
    Could go on, but... Will stall my post, for now.
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    I rather enjoyed the single player and have gone through it twice after the first ending I got sucked and I managed to get the best one. However the multiplayer SUUUUUUCKS in my opinion. I am not sure what the problem is. I don't know if it's my connection or just the game, i know it's been like this in the past but nowhere near as bad, but I notice no lag but when I die they are barely around the corner, almost like they are firing before they even come around but on their killcam they are looking at me for a good half-second to 1 second and I am running at them not shooting. I would easily take them out if I had that much time. I am no pro at the COD games but I have done terrible in this game for that one reason alone, there is absolutely nothing I can do.

    I don't know if it's a port issue, my connection is fine here but with BO2 it sucks. I have tried wireless and wired and it's the same for both. I can't even bring myself to play the multiplayer now because it just pisses me off. Anyone else seeing this?

    Also I find pointstreaks insanely stupid now. You get points for taking a piss in the corner now. I usually run with an AA launcher to take out UAVs but I looked up last night to take one out and there was about 5 of them at any given time JUST from their team, I don't think you can even see your own teams UAVs now can you?

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    Single Player story was TERRIBLE. It was like a really bad episode of 24, only you'd be hard pressed to find an episode of 24 as bad as the storyline. Plot was predictable and the whole family loss/drama bs is not something I want in my fps games.

    Zombies are terrible compared to how they were in the first BO, zombies break through barriers so fast that repairing them is almost pointless and the overall setup of the maps is just bad.

    Multiplayer dosn't seem like a big improvement from MW3. The size of the maps makes it very hard to get much use out of anything other than an smg/shotgun (think mw3 cqb syndrome). I like the original BO and MW2 because the varying maps allowed for frequent use of pretty much every weapon type, whereas now the tight hallways and sharp turns favor the smg and shotgun. Even worse is that in some of my matches, lag compensation was rearing its ugly head.

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    The KSG is fucking terrible. I'm using the long barrel and the laser, and it does have some nice range, but half the time it won't register hits.

    I'll be able to kill someone like 40 feet away, but then when I try and do that to someone 5 feet away, I get nothing.

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    So I had no intention of buying this game. I actually really liked the multiplayer from BO more than MW2 or 3. But the campaign was off the wall everywhere. But after talking to some friends they convinced me to get this and I'm gad I did.

    If someone would have told me that a cod game would offer you choices throughout the game I would have called them a liar. So I was almost floored when the opportunity was given to me to let someone live or die and then have the story change based on that decision. I never thought I would see that ever, and I'm damn happy they took the time to do it. I really enjoyed the ability to change your load out before each mission, it was fun to experiment with each weapon and attachment. Music was great best since MW2.

    The one glaring problem with the SP is the spec ops missions. Now they are optional but they effect your story outcome. Unfortunately the AI is so completely retarded that it can be really really frustrating to do. BUT this was an effort to try something new for the cod series and I appreciate that. So its really only a small thing for me.

    The one complaint that people always have about cod games is that they are carbon copies of each other and this game really does try to be different. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It seems like treyarch took the time to put together a good campaign with a good story, good villain who wasn't just pure evil and actually had some heart. Probably the best campaign since MW1 and maybe the best in the series. I really hope we see more of the story choices in future cod games.
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