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    Heart of Fear Speculations

    So with heart of fear coming out tomorrow on US servers I wanted to start a thread (forgive me if there one already) and get everyone's thoughts and opinions wrapped up into one area. My initial question is the difficulty, Blizzard has stated that Heart of fear will be more of a challenge compared to MSV, hence the staggered release of HoF and ToES. What do you think the difficulty will end up being, and if anyone has information on the fights to get ahead post it here for your fellow raiders to study!

    P.S. I'm not talking about raidfinder, that's going to be faceroll anyway.

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    I'd assume the difficulty is gonna be somewhere between MSV normal and HC.

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    Crysthalica has it spot on. It'll be somewhat harder than MSV but easier than MSV Hardmode. If you got the first two to three bosses of heroic MSV, expect an somewhat easy clear once you learn the mechanics of each fight.

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    i follow crysthalica also in this one. HOWEVER i will say and think that empress shall be the wall that hold back raiders.

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