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    Black ops 2

    So i've always liked black ops and modern warfare, even tho they are almost identical to eachother and may not be worth my money, the time i spend on the game make them worth my money.
    However i've ALWAYS bought em to ps3 and played with a controller, and with risk of braggin i'm really good with a controller (in shooter games).
    Now i've got 3 friends who plays it on PC and i've been thinking bout buying BO2 to Pc but i don't know how the game is when you play with mouse and keyboard, is it still enjoyable?

    I'm sure i can play with a controller on my PC but i know for a fact that your precision but most importantly speed of aiming is Waaaaay better with a mouse.

    Please give me your thoughts on this!

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    Once I started playing shooters with a mouse and keyboard, I could never go back to using a controller. So be wary of that if you still plan on playing console shooters in addition to PC shooters. If you try to use a controller on the PC version, you're probably going to get wrecked no matter how good you are. Not trying to start a PC vs. console argument, but that's just how it is.

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    Mouse and Keyboard is the traditional way of playing FPS games. Consoles got better after the now standard left-stick-to-move-right-stick-to-shoot method was introduced. I can play either, but the downside of playing with a mouse is that the other guy is as well, and will probably be able to shoot you when he's 3 pixels tall on your screen...

    If you're moving to PC there are better games than Black Ops 2 in any case. MW2 is considered by many to be the best of the recent CoD games, and the developers had a bit of a falling out with the publisher after that, going to EA I think.

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