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    Dots and Procs; please explain to me how to roll them!

    Dots: damage over time
    Procs and cd's: you click it or it passively activate and you get increased intellect or other stats for some seconds.

    Can someone be so kind to explain to me how these 2 fit together in a perfect world?

    I play a warlock but I think this is relevant for many (all?) classes that have some sort of dots.

    Let's say I have 3 dots on the target and I get a proc with extra intellect. Do the dots get this extra bonus spellpower? If they don't and I recast them, do they get the extra spell-power for its entire duration or untill I refresh them or until the target dies/dots run out? If I extend the dots with fel-flame, do they get the proc, do they lose the proc if the proc have run out?

    I have read it's not the same for haste as for intellect and I have read that it is on other places...

    Can someone please enlighten me or link me to a guide that explain these things to me like the idiot I feel like? Thanks.

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    This has changed a number of times over the course of WoW (and it used to vary per class and sometimes per DoT), but as far as I know, the DoTs are supposed to update in real time now, so you shouldn't need to refresh them every time you get a proc anymore.

    You might be better off asking in the warlock forums about your particular spec, just in case the rules are not universal.
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    Well the things is that I read what you write here and have seen that on some places but at the same time I read the complete opposite on other places. Some players say dots should get "updated" with the current proc, some say only the tooltip get updated but not the actual damage, some say you have to recast, some say you only need to recast on haste buffs etc etc.

    But it should be the same for all classes that use dots? So I posted in General as it is interesting for many classes in pvp and pve.

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    There are some threads in the warlock forums regarding that.

    Dots don't update themselves once your stats get a boost. Pets do. A Dot will always be as "charged" as it was, when applied.

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