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    Having trouble with Elegon

    Not sure where we are going wrong. Here are the logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/200891/ any help is welcomed.

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    No advice on what we could do different?

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    Your post in not very constructive.

    You should start by listing what are you doing anyhow - when you kill the protectors, how many orb things you manage to kill etc.
    Then do you wipe on enrage, not enough healing or random goof-ups?

    If you don't post that info helping you get better is not easy.
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    My first impressions is that your dps is quite low. How many stacks did you have at the beginning of the last phase?
    Second thing is - I believe that your dk is managing your cds incorrectly. My main is brewmaster and your dk tank is taking more magical dmg then me. He should be using them on explosions and celestial breath attacks.

    More feedback would be granted if you'd be able to answer Sonnillon's questions.

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    The others said it, you need to point out where the fight is going wrong for you, not just post a chunk of raw data and ask it to be analysed.

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    We seem to be getting about 4 stacks constantly sometime we can get 5. Mostly having trouble controlling the adds during phase two to phase one trans or him sucking us in when the floor comes back up even if the tank is near him from what I could see. I know my dps is fluctuating alot first pull i was 113k then I was up and down 60-90k on other pulls same rotation as first. The only pull we got to 50% on hit enrage. any other info you may need just ask ill do my best to give it.

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    I am the mage btw frost, but unsure if frost isn't as good as the other specs on this fight

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    You should aim at least for 4-5 each transition so you end as 8-10 (9 is a safe number here). Your tanks should run to him immediately when the floor appears (charge is a winner). Also remember to dps elegeon during p2. You should aim at entering last phase with boss at around 35%. As for mages - our is fire, not sure about frost though.

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    For the Cosmic Spark adds - you have a warrior tank. Have everyone move towards the console, avoid those suckers and warrior drops Mocking Banner, pops a CD, and everyone AOEs those suckers down. GG.

    At the start of the fight do you get 2 Celestial Protectors before the boss hits 85% or 3? It needs to be 2. Three means your dps need to be better.

    Also, your Blood DK should actually be way way way higher on dmg done to Energy Charges. Near the top in the raid even. Glyph Pestilence, roll diseases on Elegon, Blood Boil to spread to all 6 Energy Charges when the appear. It'll help everyone a fair amount with getting those down.

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    We were getting 4 protectors when we were 3 healing it moved to 2 heals and an extra dps hitting 85% as 2nd protector is spawning.

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