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    increase of GPU temp while playign wow :(

    anyone else noticing a high increase of temp comming from their GPU while playing wow ?. i am questing through the mop content and i noticed my fans going crazy i checked my GPU temp and it was at 95oC and when i opened task manager it was using 950k memory, no way should wow ever use that much, i was running on high settings and even when i turned the graphics to good it didnt make any differance. did blizzard do something to the game to increase pc resource usage ? :S...

    before you say it must be my pc i doubt it, ive had the pc for 2 years, there is no dust in the fans and my graphics card settings are up-to-date, even tried rolling back the drivers to check to see if it was the drivers that was causing the problem and it wasnt.

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    No. WoW barely uses even half of my GPU, my GPU runs at very low temps while playing WoW, in some areas it runs at nearly idle temps.

    WoW is not a graphically intensive game. If it is overheating your GPU, your machine is your problem. You need to disassemble your PC and clean everything out. Then I would recommend looking into better cooling. Again, let me make this perfectly clear: if WoW is causing your machine to overheat, you have SERIOUS problems that need to be taken care of immediately. This is not a demanding game. I would not recommend playing other games because most other games are more demanding.

    I sincerely doubt that drivers would hardly ever be the cause of GPU overheating. I wouldn't even look at that until I had exhausted other options.

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    I couldn't disagree with LuminousAether more.

    If your PC is running fine with other games, I doubt a little dust is causing issues.

    Perhaps if you tried using DX9 as opposed to DX11 to see if there was a difference.

    Wow is a very graphically intensive game but it does pull significant power from your CPU as well.

    The MoP engine is very different from previous versions. I am using more GPU/CPU than I was pre-MoP.

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    First, while 95c is hot, 95c for most modern cards is doable, though it'll shorten life. I currently run WoW on everything at Ultra with two screens, primary fullscreen (windowed) on the 1920 x 1280 screen with vsync ON. Here is what I've discovered:

    - Turning vsync off will result in far more heat produced (and power consumed) as your FPS goes up (if it does) and over 60fps. You can limit this by turning it back on or limiting foreground FPS to 60.
    - WoW is very graphic intense in some areas, especially over water and grass (far less so in cities or places like Blasted Lands). You can expect big jumps in heat in these areas. You can avoid this by turning off these features when in those areas.

    To combat this, I do these things: I limit frames to 55fps (no more), and I run a heat controlling application that will boost the fans as the GPU draws more power to keep it below 90C (hovers a little over 80C). Also, I set background FPS to 15 so that if I tab out of the game, power is cut and the strain is reduced. If the office is too hot due to the door being closed or no air entering the room, I'll disable grass/water to compensate and see the fans/heat go down.

    You should clean you fans regularly, but it's not likely the cause of your problems. I clean mine once a month and see no more than a 1 or 2C temperature difference.

    950mb of memory is nothing. WoW uses over 1gb for me

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    My 570gtx runs at about ~53c (lots of air circulation) during WoW. No joke, WoW causes at least as much graphical spiking as Borderlands 2 does for me despite the much reduced graphical requirements.
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    My GPU is running at 70C atm, set at 85% fan speed in afterburner, but my case fans are pretty lackluster since 2 of them broke down and I haven't bought new ones yet.

    And 950k is nothing, Wow is running 1459136k for me atm

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    Im getting the same thing as the OP. I have an i7 with a gtx 570. My temps are usually 88c-91c though when the fans start going nuts. Ima give the dx9 setting a change.

    i did a bti of research and most people said my temps were ok, not ideal, but not someting I should really be overly concerned with. its almost time for a new pc for me so Im going to let it go till it dies then build a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    My 570gtx runs at about ~53c (lots of air circulation) during WoW. No joke, WoW causes at least as much graphical spiking as Borderlands 2 does for me despite the much reduced graphical requirements.
    Borderlands 2 is not a graphically intensive game. Try something like The Witcher 2 on high settings to see how your PC is handling graphics intensive games.

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