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    Fundamental similarities between general classes in mmorpgs?

    Basically, I like the rogue and warrior classes the most in rpgs among the general classes rogues warriors clerics and mages.
    I include rangers as a subclass of rogues btw.
    Are there are any similarities that rogues and warrior classes generally share?
    Do they both primarily deal physical damage as opposed to magical damage? Would me liking rogue and warrior classes the most imply that I like applied mechanics? Like the study of motion of bodies in classical physics. Which includes solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, fracture, finite element analysis, etc.

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    I just mean that if I like both rogues and warriors and if they share a specific similarity, then doesn't that mean that I like that?
    Well from what I've seen, the rogues and warriors that I like mostly are proficient in mechanics, so doesn't that mean that I like applied mechanics?
    After all, from the games I've played they're basically complete opposites other than mostly doing physical damage.

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    No. It just means you like rogues and warriors.

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    Okay, I know it's against the rules to personally flame someone on the forums, but REALLY? You like rogues and warriors in a computer game, so you must like applied mechanics?

    Of course, it makes sense, I played a druid once, and we know that druids are tree-living hippies, who do drugs, that must be why I work as a technical writer in a pharmaceutical company!!

    Please, the crack pipe, put it away.

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    Just because you made a new account doesn't mean we don't know who you are, Mr. same-thread-every-month-with-same-questions-about-classes.
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    Yup, seen this thread before. Still no idea why he keeps making more of them.

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    Don't see what this really has to do with video games at all, and it's kinda a random thread. Closing.

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