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    Too much ganking, not enough world PvP?

    On one hand people are - and have been for years, really - complaining that there's way too much ganking going on; whether that's them being killed by people of their own level, or whether it's them being killed by higher levels, we can never know. They can always cry they got "ganked", even if it was just a death in a fair fight.

    On the other hand people are - and have been for years, really - complaining that there's not enough world PvP going on; people fly off on their flying mounts or sit in towns.

    Well, here's an incentive to solve both problems:

    Make the first honorable kill of the day, outside of arenas and battlegrounds and limited by the level of the enemy; 90's get it from 90's, other people get it from 2-5 levels lower at the most, award you a [Bag of Goodies], much like finishing an instance. This bag can then drop all kinds of fun things, for example gold (of course), level-appropriate rare items, worst current PvP tier items, toys, pets, mounts even. Make the bag BoA too, so you don't necessarily have to go out there on your suckiest character, but you can do it on the one you feel most comfortable with, and yet if you want more bags a day, you can switch characters and continue fighting.

    This way 90's would venture out into the world to find other 90's (gankers being a very good target), lowbies would have some unexpected air support from the higher-ups, and the zones would be much more active. Yet people wouldn't spend all their time out there since it would be a daily drop.

    People on PvE realms could go out there with their flags active looking for trouble, perhaps even get crossrealmed with PvP realms if they do have their flags active. Or they could stick to PvE and be safe.

    Giving honor from world PvP never did anyone any good. It didn't work as an incentive and you never got enough to actually start farming. Perhaps if you could get something more tangible people might have a reason to move their asses to the world.

    Now, if you add, on top of all of this, some PvP hotspots into different zones out there, the defense of which might even give you a second, third, fourth and so on, bag of goodies the same day, by doing something like defending/attacking the area for X minutes or whatever, you might actually get some nice wars going on, and possibly all the action would move to those smaller areas, and higher-ups would leave the lowbies alone a bit more.

    The way I've seen it, gankers aren't usually people in full top-tier PvP gear with high ratings and lots of PvP skill. Said gankers might feel a bit more intimidated about attacking people if there was the constant threat of people suddenly jumping on them and destroying them on the spot.

    The contents of the bag of goodies can of course be debated, and I'm sure a lot of people out there who aren't interested in fighting other players would feel pretty pissed off if there was a system where killing other players could give you all kinds of cool stuff. Then again, Mists of Pandaria was supposed to promote PvP. Well, here's a way.
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    This sounds cool and all, But i would not fix ganking, i do most of my ganking when i am doing achology/mining or pet battle, i drop in and out, unless every singel low level will have a guardian it would not matter. And even if in the start many people did that, sure there will be some PVP in low level areas, but people in pandaria would just be farmed.

    AND the cherry on top of it is After a while people would not care after a while, fine it would work for like 2 weeks, after that it would be nothing specieal, people would do there daliy "pvp war" while they are doing daliys(congrats, you have now restarted massiv wars doing daliys, and no one really want to do that, why use 60 min doing golden lotus when it can take 15) and i would still drop in and out ganking you while leveling my rat i call ratata

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    I've never found bags to be a good reward outside of LF content.
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    I think it isn't really a good idea. Getting a bag after the first honorable kill? Just make a 40 man raid and find someone to kill and after that do whatever you've done before. It would be a thing that lasts maybe 5 minutes and that isn't long enough.

    A way to fix ganking? Make it impossible for high level characters to attack low level characters. When you're level is appropriate you can do a fight but when your level is 5 levels higher you simply can't attack. They have the tech needed and use it for some quest mobs that can only be attacked when a certain quest is active.

    So next up world PVP. First of all just recap why world PVP worked in classic and didn't work after that. In classic you had a lot of content for a small elite group that had enough time to farm gear for PVE. When you hadn't that much amount of time all you could do was doing PVP. The big world PVP fights were in the barrens because you had to go there to queue for WG and the other big fight was where you could queue for AV.

    People did world PVP because they had nothing else to do. They were waiting to do high end content and there was always someone who was so bored that he would attack a small city which escalated really quick.

    After classic there was always something to do for someone. When you wanted to do PVE you could. If you wanted to do PVP you could and you could queue for it from everywhere (when I remember correctly). Blizzard did some attempts to fix world PVP but e.g. the PVP objectives in BC were only fun and rewarding when you weren't max level because when you were 70 you could get better PVP gear with less stress. Also the passive buff you got wasn't strong enough so that you want to have it up all the time. In WotLK it was the same with their PVP quests and in Cataclysm you weren't PVP flagged when doing the quests (the ones in Tol Barad).

    I think the newest try from Blizzard could actually fix the problem. With 5.1 we get 2 new factions that sell itemlevel 496 gear for VP and have dailies where you have to kill other players, destroy things they build, capture points and so an. It's content that everybody wants to do. You can grind another faction for rep, a mount and gear and all you have to do is world PVP. It's far away from all other questing or daily areas so it won't be forced on you and you can upgrade your gear with VP so if you already bought itemlevel 489 gear you can upgrade it to 497. It isn't mandatory but Blizzard gives the player a good reason to do it.

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    Ganking is fun in and of itself, I don't need a reward to incentivise me to go out in the world more and PvP. Also, even if I get beat a lot I don't care. It's fun, and one of the main reasons I play the game.

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    You can't really compare vanilla wPvP to current one. Back then PvP between level 40 and 60 was still sort of balanced, at least to a point of ganker not 1-shotting other player. Now there are flying mounts, there are much more max level players and character power at max lvl is hundreds of times higher than it was at level 60. Geared tanks have 600k HP which is 100x more than Vanilla tank. You can't call lvl 90 vs. lvl 50 "PvP", in terms of challenge it's like rerunning Ragefire Chasm at max level for challenge.

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    People really, really, really didn't understand what was going on.

    See back in WotLK the twinks were complaining they didn't have anyone to play with on their level. They ragged and ragged and ragged Blizzard on getting their own special BG. Blizzard gave them exactly what they demanded, a twink only BG queue system.

    It's deader than a doorknob now. Locked level twinks just exploit the system (with Blizzard turning a blind eye to their own ToS, even) to queue in regular BG instead.


    Because in WoW PvP it's not about about killing equals, it's purely a game of killing those <10+ lower than you. If you're a twink, more so.

    This whole world PvP scheme is just another BS move by people who just want to gank. They're too lazy and chicken to start world PvP on their own, and expect Blizzard to hand carry <10+ level lower questers to them.

    I don't PvP like that at all. If the guy I PvP against isn't a challenge, PvP is worthless to me. If he's 10+/- levels from me, as a purely geared Holy paladin, he's my target. That's fair. It's never fair in war (and wars have rules) to kill those who can't defend themselves. Besides, it hurts the game as that someone they ganked could well be a new player. That's a double whammy that hurts the game more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragemv View Post
    This sounds cool and all, But i would not fix ganking, i do most of my ganking when i am doing achology/mining or pet battle, i drop in and out, unless every singel low level will have a guardian it would not matter. And even if in the start many people did that, sure there will be some PVP in low level areas, but people in pandaria would just be farmed.
    That mentality is exactly what makes WoW PvP so crappy.

    MLG won't even accept WoW in their ladders because how unbalanced PvP is in WoW even at end-game (where everything is measured and tweaked). That alone tells people the WHOLE PvP system in this game is borked. From the mentality of undisciplined spoiled players, to FoTM is all that matters. These guys treat WoW as CoD, they don't play a MMORPG, they play a MMOFPS but without the honor let alone talent of a fighter with talent. To feel powerful and special they think nothing of being the typical playground bullies. It's geeks seeking revenge, with the nastiness of a guy who got his milk money taken from him at school.

    In games with r-e-a-l PvP with heavy consequences, heck the guys who PvP you will come back and give you the stuff you dropped and chit chat even. They want you to enjoy the game and have fun like they are. That'll be pretty darn hard if they kill every leveler "just because".

    It's actions by these gankers that helps to give not only bad PR to those in WoW about it's PvP. No one outside WoW would consider WoW PvP even has talent. So it's truly funny watching them gloat like they're the best ever, because they're only good at killing those <10+ levels lower than them. "But I have a 2400 rating!!!". We all know folks exploited the MMR system, let alone paid to get rating, let alone teaming up with others to be carried, too. Come back to us if you conquered a subspace in EvE, with a 10 billion ISK bounty on your head still unclaimed. Come back to us with a true ladder rating from one of the leagues. Not this bragging nonsense on a WoW forum, "I gank lowbies and it's fun!!!".

    Damn it looks so silly.
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