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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post
    If you can't feel the difference, then the difference doesn't exist. Not for this context, at least.
    What? If you can't see it, it doesn't exist? Killing things faster is obviously beneficial, even if you don't notice it. 1% faster kills are 1% faster kills.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post
    And no, small percentage gains are not usually relevant in leveling. If you're killing mobs in two hits, increasing your damage by 10% won't actually increase your killing rate by 10%.
    And if you deal 99% of a mob's health with each hit, increasing your damage by 2% is going to double your effective killing speed. Made up examples are made up. You're not going to be facing things that have exactly your damage per swing times some whole number health. You're going to do random damage with each hit and mobs will have wildly varying health. Even a single point of damage can make the difference between killing something in X hits or in X+1 hits.
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    2x mace ofcourse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wardemon View Post
    I honestly do not see what the difference is in this for leveling, but seeming how I got harassed in an instance earlier today, I am gonna ask. I have the staff, and I have the One handed agility mace and the main hand agility sword. I am leveling windwalker and having such a great time doing so. I was asked today why I wasn't using the staff while I level. My answer I gave thought was fair. I said I am using dual wielding right now, because from what I have read dual wielding is what level 90 monks are using. I just like the look and the feel of the dual wielding weapons. I figured they would be better and I would soon use the staff when I went brewmaster. What do you guys think? Here is my link.
    I've done it both ways... and truth told... it really didn't matter... anyone giving you grief needs whatever you are using for a weapon upside the head.

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    Had the 2 maces from leveling my shammy as enhance in Wrath. Works VERY nice imo Normalised or not 2.8speed 1h weapons are the things of most melee users wet dreams.
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    How about 2h vs dual weilding for a 90 brewmaster? Is there a crit break point where hit rating towards the dual wield autoattack hit cap or swapping to a 2h results in better elusive brew uptime then just more crit?
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    As far as i know dual wielding will inflict heavy miss chance penalties, while using a 2h staff will not.

    However i might be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by openair View Post
    How about 2h vs dual weilding for a 90 brewmaster? Is there a crit break point where hit rating towards the dual wield hit cap or swapping to a 2h results in better elusive brew uptime then just more crit?
    Not really. Think about it like this.

    You'll get more stacks of EB for a 2h weapon, but fewer swings (which means fewer rolls to see if your swing is a crit.)
    You'll get fewer stacks of EB for dual weilding, but more swings (which means more rolls to see if your swing is a crit.)

    While hit/expertise might push DW ahead (for EB uptime) point-for-point, hit isn't weighted as heavy as dodge past yellow cap. (where all hit does is improve your attacks' chance to hit but not necessarily crit, dodge gives tangible results) With the boosted attack speed on 2h's, you'll basically get ~2x the procs on DW, for ~%50 the amount.

    Compare the stats on:;86777

    The question is; is ~200 agi/stam better than a second enchant proc and more regular EB procs? Probably.

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    save yourself an enchant and go for the staff (and some jp's too).

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