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    The only console I play now is XBOX 360 (and PC if it counts). I love gaming on it and like it more than my PS3.

    But nostalgia wise, I'd have to say PS2. So many memories.

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    GameBoy Color and Dreamcast. Game boy was my first video game system ever, that and pokemon blue was awesome. Dreamcast because Sonic Adventure was basically awesome in every regard IMO.

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    Of the modern systems, I would have to say PC is my gaming platform of choice even though I prefer the comfort of sitting on my couch in front of my TV on a more traditional system. I only really don't like the Wii of the modern systems though (why the heck would I want to move around while playing a video game?! When I want to move around I go outside and play with my kids or something).

    If I went with my all time favorite system (for its time), it would be a very close call between SNES, PS1 and PS2. I got more enjoyment out of those systems than any other before or after it. I started on Atari, but was too young to really appreciate it at the time. I really got into gaming on my NES with games like Super Mario Bros, Mega Man (I am still haunted by nightmares of the Mega Man 2 dragon fight with the disappearing platforms) and Final Fantasy (ah, how I miss the good old days of pre-8 Final Fantasy games) and my zenith of gaming was at the three systems I mentioned before.

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    Atari Jaguar, it may have been short lived due to the collapse of Atari, but by god it trumped the Sega Megadrive and SNES. Basically the Jaguar was the worlds first 64 bit console, at a time when the competition were still all 16 bit.

    For its time (1993) it was the most advanced console, with amazing graphics and sound. It's definitive game was Aliens v Predator, which remains the definitive version of that game ever made. Also worth a mention was Air Cars, the first 8 player game although it did require the Cat Box expansion module.

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    I definitely love the snes the most.

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    I was born in 85, therefore I got to play all the classics when they were relevant. The SNES stands out as the greatest console of all time.

    However, once I grew up, I realized PC gaming is truly the best type of gaming out there.

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    xbox 360 and ps3, luved my original xbox games(Mechassault, and Halo) but pc ppl need to stop hating on console players... not everyone can afford serious gamering pcs....
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    No reason to own a ps3/xbox360 when a pc does everything it does and better.

    A wii / wiiu will have things going for it that makes it actually different from an experience from the pc, and are worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cityguy193 View Post
    No reason to own a ps3/xbox360 when a pc does everything it does and better.
    Console exclusives and friends w/o decent computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienshroom View Post
    Console exclusives and friends w/o decent computers.
    Besides nintendo games, I really cannot think of games that are console exclusive from the pc

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    Super Nintendo. Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Mega Man X, Super Metroid. Legend of Zelda: LttP, Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, Illusion of Gaia, Super Mario RPG, Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, Super Punch Out, the Final Fantasies and plenty of others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cityguy193 View Post
    Besides nintendo games, I really cannot think of games that are console exclusive from the pc
    Most of the Halo Series, Bayonetta, Uncharted, Journey, Final Fantasy, God of War... and about a billion series. If you can't think of any games, you're not trying.

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    PC but that's not a console so.. Xbox 360 but I rarely touch it anymore, Might do when I get my hands on AC3/Gta 5

    But nothing will beat the snes/ps2

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    The GameCube, it had such a wide variety of truly great games and the controller is the most comfortable I've used. The SNES is awesome as well, but I never had that many games on it as a kid, mostly just Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart. Oh and Super Metroid.

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    I don't have a single favorite, I have too much to have just 1, so my most favorites are SNES, N64, PS2 and Gamecube. Those systems had THE best games we will ever see EVER. Today's games are cool too but back in those days, games had much more creativeness to them than the games of today. It's as if all the good ideas were used back then and now they don't know what to make anymore so they just make military FPS games. Like I said there are a lot of today's games that I love but compared to back then, they're not as good or creative as the games on the older systems.

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    From a nostalgic point of view, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. I've spent so many hours with good friends when I was growing up. Good times.

    I can't even begin to count the hours I've spent in Soul Calibur II.
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    Nintendo 64.
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    I absolutely love my N64. My friends and i still play it now at college. Smash bro's, mario cart, Pokemon stadium, Mario tennis (so much fun), diddy kong racing, and those are just a few. Though we turned mario cart, pokemon stadium, diddy kongn racing into a drinking contest. lol.
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    My xbox 360 is my only console that I use. And to get it running I first have to block its ventilation and wait for it to overheat. Then to cool down, and if I get lucky it'll run properly until I turn it off again. But hay, I only play NHL 13 on it (Which I love very much) and I'm seriously pissed that my xbox is almost beyond repair and there's no proper Hockey game on the PC, so I get frustrated and I hate my xbox, but still I can't leave it and pretty much every night I find myself doing the same thing over and over again... That is until it dies, then I'll suck it up and learn to live without playing hockey games..

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