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    Waiting for Halo 4

    Is anyone else as pumped for Halo 4 as I am?

    If not, you can check out Bravo's youtube channel for some pretty sweet game footage.
    The first ever montage will be posted Nov 1.

    Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/bravoml...e=results_main

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    I'm super excited! Unfortunately for financial reasons I'll have to wait until about a week after release, but I'm super pumped all the same, everything I've seen on it so far looks promising.
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    I'm very excited, I'm glad to be playing as the Masterchief again, the story in ODST and Reach weren't at all interesting to me, you were doing all the grunt work for MC basically. Me and a bunch of friends are going to the midnight launch at a nearby gamestop the night of the 6th, can't wait!

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    I'm excited, i'll have a reason to play xbox with my friends again, and we get to crush noobs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulkeeperx View Post
    you were doing all the grunt work for MC basically.
    You couldn't enjoy the games for that reason alone? You make them sound like hard work (The two you mentioned were my favourite so far)
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    I'm actually really excited for this one! I've never been super thrilled with Halo but for some reason #4 seems like it's gonna be a winner. Loved the first one and only kind of liked the other 2. Here's to hoping for an awesome multiplayer experience
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    I'm so pumped about it, too! Unfortunately, I have to wait until Christmas to play (as well as about 6 other big titles I've been wanting to play - GoW 3, AC Revelations, AC 3 - to name a few). Oh well, looking forward to see what pans out in the new story arc. Never played ODST, but I did really enjoy Reach despite how sad I got "completing" the last mission .

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    Watching Halo4 trailers give me an raging nerd boner everytime, cant wait to plant my fist/shotgun in the face of 12 yr olds ^^

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    Meh, I'm content about it, getting it at midnight though and playing through the campaign all night with friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvk1207 View Post
    Is anyone else as pumped for Halo 4 as I am?
    You bet, i bought a new xbox 360 just for this game

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    Not as pumped as I thought I would be. Sidelined it for an xmas present. I think I am getting over spending £40 for a game that lasts me about 6 hours, especially when some indie titles are costing me < £10 and lasting 24 hours+

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    I've been giving very serious thought to getting a pre-owned 360 for a while. Having gone off PC gaming in all its forms completely as of late Halo might bw aht I'm after. Having never played anything past Halo 3 I'm completely out of the loop but nothing a bit of research can't solve.

    Halo is fantastic series. It just depends if I can get a pre-owned 360 cheap enough.

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    Aren't people still playing Halo 3: The Reach for More Money? Halo 4: Forward Unto more Profits

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    Closing because there is no discussion to be had here, it's just everyone saying 'omg yes im so excited for halo4!!1'
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