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    (A) <Nidor Amo Nex> recruiting Boomie / Lock for HM raiding


    NAN is looking for a boomie or a warlock for our awesome raid team Our current progress is 2/16 HM, 16/16 normal mode.

    What we want is someone social, committed, looking for a long-term wow home who _likes raiding_ and wants to be good at it. Previous HM experience (not necessarily in MoP but at some point in the past) is pretty much required for a progression spot, but those lacking it can get there by starting out as casuals with us. (Casuals and socials are welcome to join to cheer us up - we'll start alt runs soon and those always have space for extras).

    Easiest way to apply is to fill in the form at http://nan.enjin.com/recruitment - tedious for you but easy for us :P

    You can also contact me in-game - any Summer alt in the guild will be me - or you can use my battletag, Summer#2868. It's much recommended to take a look around the website before deciding you want to join though, especially check out our guild rules.


    Having the important bits out of the way, I'll give a brief introduction to the guild

    NAN is 10 man raiding guild that was started here on Saurfang soon 3 years ago by myself and two others. Today, the guild is stronger than ever and our raid team has formed a solid core with most of us having played together a year or two

    I find it a bit hard to say whether we're casual, semihardcore or what - make your own conclusion based on our usual raid schedule of 3 days x 3 hours per week and a fairly nice progress as far as Saurfang guilds go. One thing we're definitely _not_ is obsessed with server rankings - fun raids and a nice progress are the goals by themselves, not beating some other guild to an achievement at any cost.

    All in all, our raiding philosophy can be condensed to: "We want to have fun while killing new bosses". This does not mean we're a bunch of carefree slackers though, as our idea of fun is a smooth raid where everyone carries their weight. That means that everyone is prepared on the raids, knows their class and tactics well, takes care of gemming and enchanting their gear, follows our website forums and so on. Another thing it means is impossible egos and drama people will have to find somewhere else to raid :P

    Our progression team raids 20.30-23.30 realm time on:
    * Wednesday
    * Thursday
    * Sunday
    (* Monday is a backup day that we usually don't use, sometimes do)
    Invites (and clearing trash, usually) start 15 minutes earlier. Note that we aim to have a few extra people (12-13 people or so) in the roster at all times to create guild stability, which means occasionally everyone needs to go on standby. We aim to rotate the standbys as fairly as possible (raid comp requirements allowing).

    At the beginning of a patch we may have more raid days, at the end a lot less and we'll aim to allow for a little break between patches for those who wish it. We do not set strict attendance limits but we are looking for reliable, active people who can and want to be there most of the time and whose IRL schedule usually allows knowing a few days ahead if you can make it or not. Additionally, we have alt/casual runs and such which you can go for or ignore as you like. Also feel free to set up your own guild events for others to join

    The guild was started around the time ICC opened and for many it was our first raid ever. After early panick on Marrowgar and feeling hopelessly lost by Sindragosa, we nevertheless we finally got 11/12 HM cleared, while the Lich King was at that time too much for the newbie team.

    In Cata, our progress while current content, was:
    6/13 HM in Tier 11 (wait, we actually have to interrupt!?)
    6/7 HM, Glory Tier 12 (all on left... no right! RIGHT! damn -.-)
    8/8 HM, Glory in Tier 13 (was that a boss?)

    Currently In MoP we are at 2/16 HM and aiming to clear all hardmodes again - the team is stronger than ever and so far it's been great. Come, join the fun


    So, if you're looking for a new home in the game and want to raid hard modes, look no further

    Feel free to /w if you want to have a chat!


    P.S. We recruit for the long term - if you know you're going to quit wow in a month or two, please don't bother, it's just a waste of our time :P
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    Bump, could also use a healer. Tree / Shammy / Monk.

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    bump bump...

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    Friday bump!

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    Bumping again, cleared all normal modes now.

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